23 Jan 2012


Helps you to remember what you have done on the weekend of January 14, 2012.

Once again we had a lousy weather during the weekend ! As it rained my friend Ilona and I decided to go to Ikea to make a little walk at least there it was warm and it didn't rain.

Ilona becomes great great grandma in April (we have the same age !!) and I am now grandma of 14 month old Toby, therefore we had a look at the Kid's section. Ilona didn't buy anything yet, because she is supersticious and thinks it is not good to buy something for a not yet born baby. I fell in love with wooden toys and bought this little wagon filled with cubes, so that he has something more to play with when he comes to visit us.

He can pull it and build houses or whatever with the cubes.

Skype is a great invention for far living grandparents to keep a contact with their grandchildren, but it is boring for such a little one only to see Mr. G. and my face.

To amuse him I bought this tiger and with my fingers opened and closed the mouth and held it in front of my face. He found this very amusing and laughed.

My fingers I had covered with these little figures, so we could have a "conversation".

We spent quiet some time at Ikea and I also bought a lamp for my desk. Then we went to Ilona's and had a nice cup of hot tea !

Next day it didn't rain. A friend of my painting group had asked me to go with her to the big Brussels "Midi Market" as she had never been there. It was very windy and therefore also quiet cold, but we were both warmly wrapped in our coats.

She couldn't believe the cheap prices and bought fabric to make curtains for her bedroom, for only 5 € /m (6.40 $) ! She could hardly believe it because usually for a good quality you pay more than the double in a store.

I bought 6 pairs of socks for Mr. G. for 3 € (3.88 $) !

and our supper for Sunday evening, roasted chicken with roasted potatoes and green beans.

She also bought 3 sweaters and warm socks. Before we took the train back to Waterloo, we had a cup of coffee in the station. Once again the train was 5 min late. When we all sat in the train, we were told to go from platform 21 to platform 15. Everybody got up carried his stuff down the escalator and up to platform 15. When we were all seated, we were told that the train would leave on platform 21, so we all went down and up again to platform 21 where we had come from. Nobody told us if this would be the right train and we all sat there, the doors closed and waited. No ticket controller or another station employee in view. After 20 min the train moved and then a voice told us that we were in the right train ! It's a real adventure to take a train in Belgium. Delays happen all the time for different reasons. I still don't know what happened, on Friday a man had thrown himself on the rails, I hope this time it wasn't another suicide !


FruitCake said...

I love the little wagon with brightly coloured blocks, and the finger puppets look like great fun for a 14 month old boy.
Your train adventures show that people all around the world have a great deal in common!

A Lady's Life said...

Oh so sad. I hope he was ok.
What a horrible way to end your life.

I see you will soon have your own play room for the little guy.
Being a grand parent is fun.:)
You get to play with the toys. lol

Jo said...

I love the wooden wagon with building blocks. And I LOVE the puppet fingers and handpuppet. You are wonderful grandparents! We're getting another little grandbaby girl early in March and another grandbaby (not sure of the gender) in June. First from younger son and wife (their second baby) and the other from older son and daughter-in-law which is their 5th. We're not able to be near at any of the births. I have bought some baby toys and clothes and hope to post it from East Africa. I cannot believe the PT (physical training!) you have just catching a train in Belgium. One of the few times I was on the underground, we were redirected to another line when a tinny voice came over the loudspeaker and said: body overboard. Gives you a sad feeling, to think someone is so desperate... Hope you have a little sun today. Hugs Jo

Susan@FruitfulWords said...

What a train adventure you had with your friend. Sounds like it was worth going though.

What a fun grandma you are. I will have to remember your tricks for when I am one.

Skype is certainly a blessing with or without the toys. :)

Walking around, looking at things in Ikea is always my idea of a good time.

Lea's Menagerie said...

I love the little wagon with the colored blocks! Toby will have such fun building things with them!
Have a great week!

Maribeth said...

Oh the little wagon is wonderful!
I love such markets where you can buy all sorts of things. They do not have such markets close to my home, but when I see them I stop and check it out!

Auntie E said...

love Ikea. We have a couple around us. wooden toys area always fun her the little one. Those Finger puppets area great. Skype seems to be such a great tool for families. It amazes me how technology is now used and those new kids will know all about it before they even get to School.

Loree said...

Oh how sad...
I was planning on going to the market too yesterday but it rained. So I stayed home and tried to put away some clutter.

sandra carlier said...

You did a great choice with this little wagon in Ikea.And the little puppets fingers are so cute!!! Lucky grand child!!! He has got such nice grand parents! Difficult for train to arrive and go on time! We have the same problem in France!!!

momto8 said...

we had those same blocks in our house for 20 yrs..and each kid played for hrs with them...how fun..the finger puppets too...your grandkids are lucky to Skype such entertainment! the train wow..Anna Karenina all over again...

Esther Joy said...

Love your finger puppets! What a great idea!