16 Jan 2012


Helps you to remember what you have done on the weekend of January 14, 2012.

The sun came out for exactly one hour, so Dominique called me and asked if we should make a walk through the streets and the fields behind our neighborhood. It was a good idea to finally get some fresh air, and as it was quiet cold, I grabbed my berret and a scarf and a thick jacket and off we went.

We walked for about 45 min, then the sun disappeared again and we returned home to have a nice warm cup of tea.

I had got a Smartphone Nokia E7 from my son on Christmas, but I really have no use for such a sophisticated thing. I need a mobile for phone calls and messages and that's it. For emails I have my computer at home and my little notebook for when I travel. So I put it for sale on Ebay (with his agreement of course), sold it for 200 € and in the evening a young woman with her friend picked it up and we both were very happy. The money wandered in my piggy bank for my travels. So it was still a wonderful gift !

Sunday morning, since a long time, the weather was just beautiful, sunshine, blue sky and cold around 0°C (32 F).

I felt like a bird in a cage when suddenly the door is open, took my camera and my car and drove to Brussels to the palace of justice which stands on a hill, took the lift down to the most famous flea market in Brussels. I walked around in this oldest part of Brussels and took pictures. There were many German and English tourists and I also heard some Spanish. I had run out of outside pictures for all the themes I am participating in. How can you take photos when it rains all the time.

In the afternoon my son called me on Skype and for the first time since I had bought a webcam little Toby could see me too ! It was funny because I showed him a little cat and he laughed and then waved good bye when we had finished talking. It really is a great invention when you have family who lives far away.

We lightend our open fire in the evening and Dominique came over this time not for a Midsomer Murder but for a Miss Marple crime ! We admired the hats of the ladies !


A Lady's Life said...

Miss Marple - Gosh I haven't heard about her in a long time lol
Its good you take walks and sn=mart to sell the phone and put it away for trips :)

Mara said...

I am with you on the phones. All those new fangled things just make my head hurt and it already hurts too often!

Did you see Sherlock as well yesterday? It was quite late, but what a great series! Can't wait for next year.

Loree said...

I love Miss Marple and Hercule Poirot :) I too have no need for sophisticated phones. I always turn mine off as soon as I get home. Whoever needs me can call my land line no?

diane b said...

Considering that it is miserable weather you managed to do a lot on the weekend. We went to see the movie Iron Lady it was very good.