15 Jan 2012


Would you ever believe that this man is around 35.000 years old ?

Man of Spy. Isn't this reconstruction perfect ? you can see all details (I only had to cut off the private part of the man, not to get in trouble with prude Bloggers !)

The body and face of the man of Spy in Belgium, had been restored, he was one of the last Neanderthals whose bones date back about 35,000 years. The project cost 87,000 euros and was presented in the Museum of Natural Sciences in Brussels. Now he has been moved back to his "home town" in Spy.

Fifty researchers participated in the physical reconstruction and also two artists from the Netherlands. To make it as real as possible, the artists have worked from the bones of one of the three individuals found at Spy. Ten years were needed for its reconstruction, silicone and real hairs were used. Today he stands there where he came from in Spy.

I was in Spy in October to visit the Grotte de Spy where the remains of the Neanderthal man were found. We had to ask several times because there was no sign indicating the way.

only this. When I see how people imagined a Neanderthal man and how he really looked like it's unbelievable.

The place was beautiful and finally we found a way through the woods walked a km and couldn't enter the cave because the way to the cave was so difficult and dangerous that we didn't dare to go.

I suppose that now it's more easier to find this man ! and I certainly will go back there and see him. Apparently he is quiet short only 1.50 m (5 feet).


Jo said...

I think I remember your visit to the cave and not entering. What a perfect reconstruction of the man. I hope you get to see him next time you visit. Is your weather a bit better today (Sunday) I wish you were here in our sunny garden watching the cats play. Would be so cool. Jo

A Lady's Life said...

Woah some sexy 35,000 year old lol
Sure doesn't look like the pictures we normally see of Neanderthals.
He looks normal to people of today.
I think if he walked on our streets in clothes, no one would know the difference.

Gledwood said...

Where were you? Northern Belgium?

Cezar and Léia said...

I would have expected his beard to have grown longer over all those years...
God bless you!

Gattina said...

To Gledwood, no it's rather in the south. In the Waloon part of Belgium.

sandra carlier said...

Finally he looks better than we could imagine!!!The artists did a great job!!!

peppylady (Dora) said...

I have to say that 35 thousand man sure does have a pleasant smile about him

momto8 said...

wow..fabulous pictures! i learn something new everyday!! Thanks..pretty unbelievable really

diane b said...

That is so interesting. It is nice that he is back home again. He sure is old. I wonder what it was like in Belgium then?

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Gattina - they've found many sites where Neanderthal men have been buried - but this is a wonderful representation isn't it - he certainly looks real.

Thanks for pointing me in this direction ..

Cheers Hilary