9 Jan 2012


Helps you to remember what you have done on the weekend of January 7 2012.

+ us and Dominique on the other side of the street

The first weekend in this new year, started with an invitation of our young neighbors, who had moved in our street 3 years ago, replacing the first generation, who had sold their house to them, because the wife died and the widow moved together a little further in the same street with another widow. Now we, my neighbor in front of our house and another couple became the ancestors, the other two houses had been sold due to the owner's age and one divorce.

The young couple had prepared beautiful plates with Zakuskis, which were more than appetizers in buffet style, with Foie gras (special goose liver), prunes wrapped in roasted bacon , and lots of other delicacies and lobster bisque with shrimps and of course the Champagne was not missing either. It was such a funny get together and digging out old memories and telling the newcomers what all had happened in our street during the years. They couldn't believe that I had a cow looking into our french doors in the living room, and that the kids were playing in the fields. Now there are all new houses there.

The young couples's son is a little older than our grandson Toby, but a lot shyer and he also was not at all tempted by all these little nibbles, while Toby probably would have tried to serve himself as much as he could.

We were so full that when we came home at 8.30 pm, I just could eat an apple and Mr. G. had some cheese with grapes !

As rain was announced for Sunday afternoon, I quickly went to the market in the morning to make a little walk because I start to run out of fresh air with this bad weather.

I had bought a Tartiflette for our supper tonight, and just sat in my car again, when it started to rain.

The afternoon went by with blogging and in the evening Dominique came over for our little "Midsomer Murder" evening.


Lea's Menagerie said...

Sounds like a great week-end! I like those open-air markets you have there, and I learned a new word - tartiflette. The wikipedia definition makes it sound very yummy!
We've had a lot of rain this week-end, but we didn't let that stop us. We drove in the rain to a large city near us for church and shopping.
Mississippi, USA

Auntie E said...

love it when the neighbors take time to visit with you. I tried to get ours to do that , however everyone seem so busy. Maybe this spring will work better. that Pate sounded great, love that kind of food.

A Lady's Life said...

That sounds like a great week end.
Ours is quiet. People are busy doing their thing after the holidays.
School started .......homework.
tra la la.

Friko said...

Not a bad way to spend a weekend. I like it quiet too.
A bit too much rich food perhaps, but once in a while, why not. Particularly, if somebody else does the buffet.

Maribeth said...

It is good that I was not there! I would have devoured the food! Yum!

sandra carlier said...

What a beautiful gathering! And all the food looks so yummy!!! This foie gras looks delicious!I would want to be with you!!! Finally the builder won't paint the wall outside this week as he promised it! I asked to his wife why as she came with her son who is my pupil and she said that he will do it next week!!! I hope the next week will be as sunny as this!! If it rains no painting!!! argh!!!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

What a nice get together -- the new neighbors sound like great additions -- changes don't always work out that well. Glad yours did.

Your post made me hungry for the party food and the supper you bought! Yumm.

Yolanda said...

It sounds like you had a glorious weekend. I hope you have a wonderfu New year.I am glad to have found your blog

Lifecruiser Travel said...

Oh, I think that sounds like the perfect neighbors - the hungry monster have spoken... *giggles*