13 Jan 2012


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1. Not a very exciting week ! As usual after acqua gym, I did some window shopping, but didn't find anything interesting except a webcam for my computer, so that Toby my little grandson can also see me, when my son shows him to me ! Otherwise the poor boy stares at a black screen, wondering where the voice comes from !

2. I needed a little lamp to make more light on my keyboard and I found a real nice one which you can connect to your computer. Proudly I came home connected the lamp and found out that it wouldn't even lighten up a mousehole ! Completely useless. Fortunately I had bought it on sales, and it only costed 4 €, now I also understand the low price ! Of course I couldn't bring it back because things on sale are not exchanged.

3. The weather is still grey and wet and I can't make any pictures outside, it's so dark !

So when I have finished household and blogging work, all I see is the grey view out of the living window and the cats laying around all sleeping. Very encouraging to lift up your mood !


I thought if I can't take pictures outside to feed my posts, I will make a stock of cat pictures inside. Of course when you want to make nice pictures, they are not cooperating at all, I think they feel that I only use them as substitute ! These are the results.

5. Our painting class has started again and it was nice to see all my classmates and we had to chat a lot about our year's end celebrations. I started a new painting, at least for that I had enough energy. After class I went to "my" Indian Shop and enjoyed the peaceful atmosphere inside

and also found this little case to put my finally updated agenda !

Mud in your eyes today it's Friday 13 !!


Jo said...

Glad you have a webcam, the children are indeed puzzled by a faceless voice! OMW, that little lamp sounds like some of the Turkish/Asian specials I've bought over the years. I just LOVE the cat photos, especially the one of Rosie's reflection in the mirror. I always enjoy a trip with you to the Indian Shop and love your cool bag. What is an updated agenda? Hope you have a uplifting weekend my friend. Hugs Jo

A Lady's Life said...

Love the pillow and it is so much easier now to let your grand children know their grand parents with a web cam. At the dollar store they sell nice little lamps you plug into your computer and they only cost 1 dollar My husband loves it. Also on TV they sell these new key boards which are yellow have big letters and if you spill something on them, don't fry.
I told my husband next time I need a keyboard I'd would like one like that.

Maribeth said...

I love skype and I imagine Mandy and I will use it too. Even though she lives close by.

Susan@FruitfulWords said...

Oh, so it is Friday the 13th. :)

Even though your week was not very exciting you managed to show us some fun glimpses into your life.

I agree, the cat in the mirror is a cool one.

LOVE your new bag.The colours and sequins make it look festive. Which is quite the opposite of the winter days, yes?

Hope this next week holds more "excitement."

Susanne said...

I'm like the cats, I feel like snoozing when it's grey and wet outside.

How fun for the webcam to talk to your grandson.

BTW, the link to FFF is incorrect and takes us to the wrong page. :v)

Barbara H. said...

So glad you got a webcam. I wish we had had Skype and Internet corresponding when my kids were young -- we always lived so far from grandparents, it would have been nice to "see" them more often on computer.

Your kitties take nice pictures even when they're not cooperating.

I was going to mention that your link on the FFF Linky takes us to your Wed. post, but I see Susanne mentioned it.

Jientje said...

That webcam is going to come in handy with your grandson living so far away, the lamp however...? Your cats are photogenic, even when they're not cooperating! Cooking class has restarted again for me this week, but photography class only starts next week. Today has not been that gray here in Antwerp, I managed to capture a couple of blue skies on photo today!

Loree said...

I hope that next week will be more exciting for you. Your cats certainly are no co-operating. LOL. They are upset because they were not your first choice :)

sandra carlier said...

Nice to see you had great time at your painting class! Me I stopped for a time my piano lessons cause my teacher ask a lot and I am not a good musician! I just want to play a little for fun!!! My Patouf begins to come at the new home!!! I'm waiting for the others now!!! Ticoune came several times cause Mélissa took her but she doesn't come by herself! what a patience with cats!! Sounds they want to stay at the old place!

Brenda said...

The cats don't seem to mind the grey drizzly weather! I hope it clears up for you soon :)

diane b said...

The grey weather is depressing. I feel for you. You'll have to join the cats and curl up and read a book although I doubt that the cats read books.

Kathie said...

Your kitties make cute models! But hope some sunshine comes your way really soon!

Happy weekend!

The Chair Speaks said...

That's one giant yawn Arthur.
Lovely Indian case!