12 Dec 2011


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Our son had made a flying visit to Waterloo, to pick up some furniture he had left in our basement and needed now for his new house. We only saw him for a few hours, and then he disappeared again. But we will go to Amsterdam on Christmas.

In the afternoon there was the exposition of the paintings my painting group had done about the theme "Les misérables" from Victor Hugo. The exposition was organized by the city and all what I can say the paintings were not "miserable" but the exposition definitively was.

In this large building were exposed pictures painted by children and from our painting group. But the place is so huge, that the paintings looked really lost. There was no sign at the entrance to the exposition, so that each time I saw somebody approaching I had to shout : "It's here" because besides the entrance was a sign with an arrow "the entrance is at the end of the building" ! But this was the entrance to the offices ! We were 3 to watch over the paintings and finally had 11 visitors in the whole afternoon. People just didn't know. We all were very disappointed.

and to pass the time, we tried to amuse ourselves, here with posing in the 150 years old fashion, somebody had sewed.

Fortunately just besides the building was the Waterloo Christmas market under a big white tent, so I made a tour and then my "classmate", but there was nothing special either. A little ice skating for the children and a lot of hot red wine to drink and lots of specialities to eat. Probably because of the wine, people were very cheerful !

Sunday I woke up with a sore throat, a running nose and sneezing and feeling lousy. Mr. G. in his generosity had given his cold to me !

I didn't thank him, instead I stayed most of the day in my bed and regretted that I don't have a suit like the one above. With pink socks of course.

Lots of people have a cold for the moment, and I hope it won't last too long. The only one really happy about this was cat Rosie as she took the "nurse" job over.


Mar said...

Fun shots! get well soon, Gattina. We had Oktoberfest in December in our village...thanks to Bava@ria events or something like that, apparently they are on tour since July with a huge tent, music, dance...and beer, of course. It was fun, mainly because it was unexpected!

Andrea said...

Wow, that suit is a winner! Whoever thought of going inside it and pose for you is really naughty! hahaha. I have been waiting for OWW meme to be up, but our time difference really is not conducive for my post. I wonder who among you will post today!

Reader Wil said...

You have a great sense of humour, Gattina! Your photos and story are very amusing! I wish you a very merry Christmas.

sandra carlier said...

I hope you get better now!!! I played theater on saturday night and we had only ten visitors!!! But a lot of fun! Rosie is a nice nurse!