16 Dec 2011


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1. - 3. I can't really say that I had any favorite day in these 5 days ! From Monday on I moved myself from bed to computer and computer to bed, because Mr. G. in his generosity had handed me over his cold.

My daily food as a still life.

and my bed table

and a very happy cat acting as nurse to warm me up and also entertaining me.

4. - 5. From time to time I also watched TV and heard about the terrible killing in Liège (about 100 km (62 miles) from Brussels) where a mad man, Nordine Amrani, had thrown 4 grenades into the crowd of mostly students Place St. Lambert, coming out of their schools after the Christmas exams. Fortunately the Christmas market was closed because of strong winds otherwise there would have been even more people in the streets. Amrani was not a terrorist, or a racist or whatever, he was known by the police because of drug and weapon dealing and had a few years of prison behind him. Fortunately he killed himself !

These were the first picture, when he had also thrown a grenade at a bus stop.

This 15 year old boy got a bullet in his belly, and described what he had lived to a journalist. The article above informed us that a 75 year old woman died because of her severe injuries in the night of Wednesday to Thursday. Two 15 and 17 years old boys died almost immediately after the attack.

On Wednesday evening the doctors announced the death of a 17 months old baby. This was terrible to hear the doctor could hardly control his emotion.

Before Nordine Amrani started the killing in Liège's center, he had killed another woman who was found later in his garage. This makes 5 deaths so far because there are still other people in critical states. Over 120 people were injured and brought to nearby hospitals.

Nobody can understand how this happened and why ?? In this little normally peaceful country of just 11 million inhabitants, there are of course crimes but never such once. The only real big criminal we had or unfortunately still have in prison is the child rapist and killer Dutroux.

Police found ten complete weapons and 9500 weapon parts ! In 2007 all his weapons had been seized so he had got them illegally from somewhere, as in Belgium weapons are stricly forbidden and to get a permission to buy one is very difficult.

People who knew him, his classmates in metrology, and also his wife a nurse are all very shocked, apparently he was a very friendly and helpful. One never knows behind what face the devil is hiding !


Mar said...

Hope you are feeling better now.
Those were terrible news, in such a quiet European corner...his wife didn't know about his weapons? what a shock for her...and his circle of friends/relatives. I feel so sorry for all those innocent people and their families... The death of that infant broke my heart, he was as old as my friend's grandson. So sad.

Jo said...

I hope you're on the mend now. The worst cold I ever had was in the summer of 2004 when my husband handed me his and then he left for West Africa. I felt as if I was dying - a summer cold is a bad thing in South Africa! This senseless killing is terrible. Imagine just before Christmas too. Have a restful weekend. (((hugs))) Jo

A Lady's Life said...

It's becoming a dangerous planet.
People are all under a lot of pressure and it's no wonder eventually they crack.
I don't go anywhere alone. I went once with the dog into the bog and had to call my son to come walk me home. There were a group of kids there doing drugs and they were looking at me in a funny way that I dared not turn my back to them nor walk towards them.

Faith said...

I pray you are feeling much better by this weekend! Yes, that tragedy in your country was just awful...when I saw this on the news I just wept.....so awful. Drugs just totally destroy a person....I just don't understand, with all the anti drug programs out in the schools while so many young people still turn to this lifestyle. Such a tragedy right before xmas!!
Praying you have a restful weekend preparing for our Savior's birth!!

Hazel said...

Yay to that happy cat of yours! I reiterate Faith - hope you are feeling much better by this weekend. I saw that tragedy on CNN. Thank goodness at least the christmas market was closed. Happy Friday.

Lisa notes... said...

Sorry you have been sick this week. No fun. I pray that next week you'll be ready to go!

Such a tragedy of the young man doing the killing. You're right that we never know what face the devil is hiding.

Willow said...

I had not heard about this tragedy in Belgium. I'm so sorry!

I hope you'll be well and out and about very soon. Mr. G is such a generous and giving person :)

Susanne said...

Hope you are feeling better. A nice furry bed warmer is always welcome when one isn't feeling well. :v)

That was a horrible thing that happened in your country. Our area is reeling from a horrible tragedy that occured the other day too.

sandra carlier said...

This mad and crazy man!!! I cry for all those people he killed and all who are now at hospital!!! CRAZY! Horrible!