31 Dec 2011


Antonio and Rosa

Yesterday in the News I heard this incredible true story which happened in Italy.

The story begins in the early 1930, in Naples, when Antonio, a young soldier, fell in love with Rosa, a young florist. A love at first sight and they married in 1934. They lived happily together, had many children and this could have been the end of this love story.

Unfortunately, the couple that had lived the perfect love ever since, and had produced five children and many grandchildren, was shaken one morning in 2002.

It was when Antonio found a love letter written by his wife in the 40's. It was in their bedroom's wardrobe, and was adressed to somebody else and not him. He asked an explanation from his wife. The poor woman thinking that 60 years later, this old romance would no longer count, confessed it all. Yes, Rosa had had another man in her life.

A big mistake ... to have confessed!
Antonio, mad with rage, left the marital home immediately to find refuge at his eldest son. It took him several months before he agreed to return to his wife and trying to pick up the pieces of their broken couple. A task which turned out to be impossible.

Almost 10 years later, with constant daily fights, these grandparents who had spent their entire lives side by side decided to go to court in Rome. They filed for divorce after 77 years of marriage. In 2012, Antonio will celebrate 100 years and Maria 97 !


Ika Devita Susanti said...


A Lady's Life said...

they still remember they are married?
How sad.
I guess the making up part should be good lol

Mar said...

I don't know whether to laugh or to be sad...!! an extraordinary story, indeed!

Ranbir Aggarwal said...

awesome..u may also like loveatfacebook.blogspot.com

jabblog said...

That is so very sad.

sandra carlier said...

Extraordinary story!! J"ai posté des photos sur mon profil facebook!

A Magical Whimsy said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! I knew some older friends, who, when the wife found out about an affair her husband had years before, the wife decided to leave him and would not go back...they were in their seventies. The heart is a strange thing. None of us are perfect if we really admit it. Trust is something that goes out the window when someone is betrayed, forgiveness can happen but "there is a fine line between trust and forgiveness"...that was a thought from one of my nephews.
Have a lovely New Year!

Ann said...

'Vicious' attack on five-year-old girl

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Fury greets teen sex-attack accused

Hi Gatinna, am very surprised you didn't hear this. 5 year old Belguim tourist with family. Turangi is tourist place esp in Winter for skiing, and through out the year for International Alpine crossing. Is very big news here, as we are all very angry.

wenn said...

Happy 2012!

Lifecruiser Travel said...

That is such a sad story!!! One could imagine that he would have been able to forgive after all those happy years together....