30 Dec 2011


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We said good bye to grandson Toby and his parents and drove back to Brussels/Waterloo. Next time we will see him he certainly walking alone, he is nearly ready ! There was no traffic at all on the highway and in about 2 h we were back home and were not welcomed by our cats, who slept all peacefully all over the house with an apparently full belly. My neighbor had taken care of them, so we were not missed at all !

A still life

2. The weather was awful it drizzled and it was grey, but I had to go out to do some shopping, our fridge was empty as our bank account ! I don't know what happened but lots of things were missing in my usual super market, so I had to go to another to get what I needed.

3. We had eaten so much over Christmas, that we just wanted to eat a Pizza ! The afternoon I spent on the phone and the computer, talking to my friends and reporting our Christmas and answering virtual Christmas cards we got.

4. A classmate from the painting group had invited me for coffee, it was the first time I went to her and fortunately I have my Madame GPS, otherwise I would still turn around today. She lives in a corner of Waterloo I had never been in all these years I live here.


She has a very nice appartment and also a very friendly dog, a golden Retriever named Charly. She had baked an Apple cake and we chatted the whole afternoon and discussed how we would spend the New Year's Eve. She is alone and one of her girlfriends too, so I thought I invite them the more we are the more we will have fun.

5. I did some cleaning as my cleaning Lady went home to Poland for Christmas, now Mr. G. has to fly over the floor and the cats are not allowed to loose one hair. My catsitter neighbor kept me 1 h on the phone, complaining about her 49 year old daughter who had been "thrown" out by her partner for the 3rd time in 15 years and and always moved in with "Mamma". Apparently she is critisizing everything her mother does and there are verbal fights every day. But now she goes back to him again because he wants her back. I told my friend that her daughter is like a boomerang, he throws her out and she flies back. Claudie my blogfriend once told me that our street makes her think of the "desperate housewives" !


diane b said...

Toby is not long before walking unaided. It is good to work at making friends and enjoying each other. I think all streets have a desperate housewife.

Lea's Menagerie said...

Sweet, sweet Toby, handsome cats, and your friend's lovely dog - I always enjoy seeing your photos!
Happy New Year!
Mississippi, USA

Jo said...

Toby will be walking soon. I loved the photo of cats. JUST like mine when we returned: too well cared for in our absence, Ha-ha. I also loved Charly. For a moment I thought you'd been to see Kay in Alberta and her lovely Lindy! Glad you have some friends over for New Year. Oh my, what a terrible thing for your neighbour/catsitter to have an adult (read: old!) child back in the house. Our lane apparently resembled Desperate House-husbands a few years ago! All that has changed with the stable,concientious and well-behaved South Africans residents living here now! (lol) Have a WONDERFUL New Year and a peaceful, happy and healthy 2012. (((hugs))) Jo

jabblog said...

Aww, Toby, such a handsome little boy - he'll break some hearts one day.
I like the 'boomerang' - unfortunate but funny.

Maribeth said...

Toby really is adorable! And this year I have thought that I will try to make some new friends.

Lisa notes... said...

Charley reminds me a little of my Golden Retriever. I love those dogs the very most.

Glad you enjoyed time with Toby. He looks like a bundle of fun. And about to walk...his parents are about to have their hands full. :-)

Have a Happy New Year!

Susanne said...

Your grandson is absolutely adorable!

The pictures of the cats cracked me up. Looks like your neighbor kept them well fed and content.

A Lady's Life said...

Well Toby is a cutie pie and Cats are so independent. Give them food and they are in 7th heaven.
Grocery stores are empty because people shop like crazy for the meals.
Charly makes me miss my dog He was so nice.
Your street sounds like what mine used to be when all the neighbors were friendly
They could come over whenever they wanted night or day. It was like one happy family. Nice.:)
but where I live now there are a lot of people who walk through we are told to keep our doors and windows locked.
The criminals are not nice to people when they walk into their homes. They are not even afraid people are home anymore.
Oh well.

Barbara H. said...

What fun with Toby!