6 Nov 2011


The first thing I did once the suitcases in our room, was asking at the reception about Internet connection. Behind the counter stood 3 handsome tall guys, one a kind of Omar Shariff at the times of Doctor Zhivago, a George Clooney/Mustafa and a Pierce Brosnan/Hassan.

When I asked for Internet, the 3 made eyes like saucers and probably thought that I was a little disturbed. Finally "Omar" told me to go to the Internet café. I asked him if it was still at the same place as last year and he said yes. So I crossed the huge hall, went to the shopping area and entered the door where the Internet café was last year and where I had to buy a card to get a username and password for my computer.

Instead, I found a barman behind his bar and a big snooker table in the middle of the room where the computers had been. He told me that I had to go to the reception, buy a card and ask all information over there.

I felt like a ping pong ball. I went back to the reception, and as Omar was busy on the phone Clooney/Mustafa smiled and told me to go to the 4th floor where the Internet café was now. I said I don't want to go to the forth floor, I just want a username and password and that I had my own computer, I turned around, went to my room and came back with my little Notebook.

A chaos broke out. Omar dropped the phone (or nearly) Brosnan/Hassan left his German clients and they all gathered around me to admire my little notebook.

They called another guy the computer specialist who would come immediately and help me for the username and password. Knowing that "Immediately" could last at least 1/2 h I said they should call me when he is ready and has what I need. But this time like a flash he came out of his boxroom and then suddenly all went very quick. Probably he wanted to show me that he too was able to handle a computer ! In no time I had a username and password written on this little piece of paper, because in their surprise to find a woman of the third age able to handle a computer they forgot to give me their sophisticated new card they were so proud of and which they had shown me before.

I didn't care, the most important thing was I now had my internet connection.

Ever since when I cross the hall, the three beauties give me a respectful smile and ask if everything is OK. I smile back feeling like the Queen of England.

So I saved the reputation of the 3rd youth women, and that we are not all complete idiots in this male world when it comes to Computers !


  1. Oh Gattina, you have such a WONDERFUL turn of phrase. Your story above is excellent!I can just imagine the admiration from those three hunks and the clever IT guy after seeing a bright lady with a snazzy little notebook! Glad you got online quickly and and we can share your travels. Have a lovely day out today. (((hugs))) Jo

  2. lol! Oh how I wish I were with you today. Although it is bright...it is cold, very cold and I was freezing when I woke.

  3. you must have left such an impression last time that they remember you this time round lol Good for you!!!

  4. Geez, is everything so complicated over there?
    God bless you!

  5. Egypt will never be the same after you're through with them, my friend! Wave to the three handsome men for me.

  6. LOL. Glad you straightened them out.


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