7 Nov 2011


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Our weekend was very exciting ! Breakfast at 8.30. Before getting a towel, choose a nice place and put the towel on the beach beds. After breakfast laying in the sun and when it's too hot swimming in the sea surrounded by little fishes and some human whales. Of course also reading and observing the other guests. Unfortunately this year everybody looks so normal !

These activities are interrupted by lunch at 12.30, and then we "work" again at the beach. When at 3.30 pm the sun disappears behind the Hotel it's getting cool in the shade and we return to our room.

And then our weekend troubles started. While I was still chatting at the reception, Chantal tried to get into our room. No way. She lifted, pushed, pulled the doorknob without any result. She came back and told me she couldn't open the door. I followed her, took the key put it in the keyhole turned, and the door opened. Chantal was surprised : "that's impossible" she said because she had tried for 10 min without success. Feeling stupid, she closed the door again (for our security I remained inside the room) opened it and it went without problem. We laughed but she still felt offended because of this stupid door. When we had showered and were dressed, we wanted to go for supper. I turned the doorknob to open the door, the door remained closed. Chantal tried, I tried, we were locked into our room. No way to get out.

I called the reception and told them that we were locked in inside the room. Omar, Hassan or Mustafa probably thought "again this woman", but they promised to send somebody to open the door "immediately" we sat down and waited. Of course nobody came. After 10 min I got angry, we were hungry and wanted to get out of the room. I turned the doorknob and .... the door opened without difficulties and we found ourselves nose to nose with the guy who had finally arrived to free us. We felt rather stupid.

When we came back the door opened without any problem. In the morning we were again locked in and our male chamber maid got us out after whe had shouted for help. I asked for repairing this rotten lock and of course they promised to do this later. Now I don't know when "later" is maybe in a year or so.

Then it happened that we wanted to get into the room again and this time the door opened but the security tongs had fallen down so the door only opened a few centimeters or inches.

Two men tried to lift that thing with the door hanger "Please make up my room" which of course didn't work. Finally one brought a screwdriver and the other a hammer and they managed to get the door open. Now we are without security and maybe I won't post tomorrow because we were kidnapped.

But despite this adventure our weekend was very nice !

This is the view from our balcony when we manage to get into our room

and our room which a very friendly young man cleans and makes hearts out of our bath towels and on them rose petals ! Isn't that romantic ?

Now each time we have to go in or out it's the big question : "Does it work ?"

At least one man told me the truth the lock wouldn't be replaced because the whole hotel gets new once not working with a key anymore but with a card.


Mara said...

Well, as long as you are in the room with your computer you can at least call in reinforcements from abroad. Just out of curiosity, you haven't got room 13 have you?

Jo said...

Oh no, Gattina,this is so frustratins. That happened to me on a recent stay in Nairobi. I left the apartment later than my husband so with card in hand (he warned me repeatedly not to leave forget it) I walked out and closed the door. But it wouldn't close. The lock mechanism was protruding. At the moment a young and debonair Frenchman, who happens to be a major shareholder in our company and whom I know from his visits to the camp, walked up to the lift neaby. I shouted for him (poor man!) to help me lock the door which he did. I spent a lovely day at the shops, bought a trolley of groceries and wandered home (the apartment block is attached to the shopping mall) As I got to our floor and inserted the card (and removed it quickly as instructed by my technically minded husband) it wouldn't open. I tried a few more times then I took the lift downstairs and told reception. They said someone would help me immediately. Ha, ten minutes I stood there and eventually my husband arrived. He'd finished his business and had come to fetch me for lunch at a restaurant. He tried. No open! We waited another ten minutes in which he tried a few more times to open the door. Then I went to reception again and they said someone would be there immediately! Eventually the security man arrived, took one look and said he needed to bring tools! Another ten minute wait and he came back and opened the door, We left him there fixing the computer which had broken down inside the lock. When we returned, the door opened for my husband. But that always happens. I know the frustration you feel and hope you're safely on the beach right now. (And please avoid kidnappers!) Jo

Maribeth said...

When I was 12 i went to Bermuda with my parents and slept on a cot in their room. I went in to go to the bathroom, and the door locked! I tried and tried to get out and I couldn't. Finally my parents called the desk and a man came and showed us how this antique door-nob opened! I was mortified because at 12 you do not want anyone to know you even go to the bathroom! lol!

Cezar and Léia said...

oh mon Dieu, what an adventure! LOL
Cezar told me about your trip, I'm so envious! Lucky you!
Forget the little problems in the hotel, it happens...the important thing is enjoying the lovely vacations and for sure...the SUN! :)
big bisous

*** here, the weather is terrible today, everything is grey!Well...time to go back to my French homework. :(

A Lady's Life said...

Oh this would upset me. I remember once we got a room. My husband went with my son with the bags so they saw only two people going into the room.
Then I went up with the puppy we had incognito cause I didn't know if they allowed dogs. lol
Then my son and husband went swimming
and the room was supposed to be empty well wouldn't you know, the door opened and this woman walked in.
I yelled at her and she jumped and ran out. She had a key to come inside but was not working there. She was I presume a thief.
I put the hook around then so no one could enter but I did not feel safe anymore.

Jenny said...

Oh no! What a time she is having! What a lovely view!