18 Nov 2011


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1. This was the last week of my holidays in Hurghada at the Red Sea. The days were like usual,breakfast, swimming, laying at the beach but

we also had a belly dance show in the evening


We hadn't been in the town yet so we took the taxi (see post below) and did our little shopping.

The town as usual is very busy and everybody wants to sell you something

We watched for a while this artisan who engraved plates, vases etc.

a special artwork, filling in colored sand in bottles making little designs


It's also funny to watch people playing Boccia.

4. and then the last day arrived and we had to fly home. As the weather became quiet windy and rather cool only 24 instead of more than 30°, we didn't regret too much.

Our plane was 1 1/2 h late due to the heavy traffic in Hurghada, and we hang around in the airport for 4 h !! We looked in the hundreds of little boutiques and of course bought things in the freeshop.


Chantal's wheelchair assistance worked perfectly this time and we were not the only once ! there were 7 wheelchairs a whole convoy ! We waited to get into the truck with elevator to be "loaded" into the plane

and as you can see everybody found it quiet funny and made pictures.
The flight was quiet and we finally arrived in Brussels at nearly 8 ! Long day !

and this little man, my grandson Toby had his first birthday this day. We will go to Amsterdam tomorrow and celebrate this big event !!


Lynette said...

Great pictures! Where exactly were you? My geography is bad.

Maribeth said...

Wow! A whole year gone by!!! And he is such a big, happy boy! Happy Birthday, Toby!!!

Gracie said...

Too bad the belly dance performers are only women.....

Lisa notes... said...

I thought that was going to be YOU doing the belly dance. :-) Maybe in years gone by? Sounds like fun. Toby is adorable. Enjoy his birthday!

Barbara H. said...

Happy birthday to Toby! What a cutie! Glad you had a good time away and a safe trip home.

ellen b said...

Oh my Toby is one already. It seems like just yesterday you were buying gifts before he was born. Enjoy the birthday~
Glad you enjoyed your time in Egypt...sorry about the airport delay.

A Lady's Life said...

The airport looks very exciting with tons of nice things And your grandson is growing fast like my grand daughter is.
You are just in time to enjoy his big number one!!:)

Anonymous said...

You're back now! What a great time you had! I would want to be with you!!! We have rain, wind and this morning the glass of the apart door broke when the agency arrived to put the signboard "apart to rent" on the balcony!!! I just come back from the ophthalmologist!!! A good news: my glaucoma is still quiet! Tant mieux! It is the good news of the day! You grand son looks so cute!!! Have great time with him in Amsterdam!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous is Claudie from France!!

Carrie said...

It sounds like you had quite the enjoyable - and memorable! - trip.

Happy Birthday to Toby! He is such a cute little fella! Hope you have a great time celebrating with him!