6 Aug 2011


Never in my whole life I would have thought that I would find "the" Alice out of my childhood's book in Oxford. So when I was sitting on the top of the sight seeing bus and heard the voice in the headset telling me that we would now approach the little shop where Alice used to buy her sweets, I was really surprised ! I had read the book long ago and don't remember very much, only that I didn't like it and that I had found it very strange. After that I had never touched the book again and never watched the film either. But this book is such a part of children litterature that it is impossible to ignore it.

I got out of the bus and followed Alice's footsteps !

First I saw the church where her father was a Dean. I don't know if she also lived in there

The whole story was written outside

Just in front of the College was the little shop

Besides the fact that there were tourists of all colors and shapes, the shop probably hadn't changed very much.

modernized of course

and the evidence that I had been there ! Photo taken by a young Japonese student.

I wandered through the shop and took pictures of everything which seemed interesting to me. The real Alice was dark haired and not blond !

I just had finished when the owner touched my shoulder to tell me that it was not allowed to take pictures inside the shop. I assured him that I wouldn't, I just had put my little camera in a wallet in which I carry it around and therefore looked very innocent as usual.

Of course I couldn't resist and buy a little souvenir, the Cheshire Cat !

The original Cheshire cat design from 1866. At least they have the same smile !

If you want to know more about the history of the book you can find it here
in Wikipedia


diane b said...

How interesting. I didn't like the book much either until I was much older and found out the significance of the story. Even so I didn't know it was based on a real little girl.

claudie said...

Very interesting post Gattina! I was fascinated by Alice in my childhood but later when I red about the analyse of the story ( analyse psy) I was disturb! The place looks beautiful! I didn't know the little girl was real! I posted!

Cezar and Léia said...

What a "wonderful"promenade, I would like to be there, it's a dream, I'm fan of Alice! :)
Thanks for sharing your pictures, they are beautiful and I need to say you are fabulous wearing "red"! Very charming!
Hugs and happy weekend,

Kay L. Davies said...

Ha, I can just imagine you looking "innocent as usual"! LOL
I didn't see any Alice in Wonderland things when I was in Oxford, so I must have been in the wrong part of town.
I didn't particularly like the story, either, so you are not alone, my friend.
— K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
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Lifecruiser Travel Blog said...

Nice to follow her footsteps even though Alice were no favorite of mine either, but I do adore that Cheshire Cat!!!!