1 Apr 2011


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1. After acqua gym during our tea time chat, we had a discussion about divorces, and that in our parents generation there was no or very little divorces. Of course the women stayed home and had no own income and depended on their husbands. Difficult to leave then. All in our group of course had all been working women and we had our own income and didn't depend on our husbands. We came to the conclusion, married or not married you need money to be free !

2. As the sun continued to shine now over a week, the grass had grown and for the first time this year I mowed the lawn.

It looks so good and smells so fresh ! Fortunately we only have a little handkerchief sized lawn, so it's easy and quickly done.

3. My friend Ilona had her birthday and invited me, and we were able to take our first sunbath this year on her terrace ! We sat there just with little tops and turned our faces towards the sun. What a nice feeling !

4. I bought some painting to repaint our mailbox which was once green and now really needs to be refreshed, fortunately ever since it started to rain, so I don't have to do it right now !

Piccola the black cat lived with me from 1963 - 1983 !
The white one was Arthur 1 he died after a year of a heart attack !

Instead I did a collage of all our animals we had since we are married, I put it in a frame and it hangs now in my room.

5. In my painting group we forgot to paint because one of my classmates had her birthday (there are lots of birthdays right now) and we were too busy with eating birthday cakes. Our teacher had a bronchitis, poor thing, so we did our own teaching.


Anonymous said...

What a great week you had. I'm glad the weather was cooperating. Wow two birthdays this week. I'll tell you what, after all the cake and ice cream you ate from them you can come over to my house and mow my lawn hows that? LOL

Mara said...

My grandmother got divorced during WW2 and was looked at funny for the rest of her life! It still hurt her after 60 years.

Loree said...

What an interesting week you have had. I can almost smell that freshly mowed grass.

claudie said...

Sounds you had great time!!!You're right the only solution to be free is to have a job! Without money you can't be independant!
We had the carnival at school yesterday and we are all teachers ko!!! I put a picture of my future house on facebook!

Maribeth said...

Oh I need some happy things right now. I think I am a little depressed. I wish I were sitting in your yard where it looks like spring!