20 Dec 2010


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When I look outside I think somebody moved me to the Northpole, the only difference is, that I am still living in our house and not in an igloo.

In short, it snows white cats and white dogs !

When the snow hadn't started yet, I managed to put a light garland on the hedge. It is not so much the use here to decorate a garden with lots of Christmas decorations. People decorate more in their windows. But this looks nice.

I went over to Domi to bring back some cups, she had brought us some delicious Tiramesu she had done herself. I made these pictures of a neighbor playing with her dog.

The day went by between Computer and TV

and watching how the snow fell more and more

this was what I saw from our patio at 10 pm

In the morning it looked very pretty

also out of our window, where cat Arthur did his grooming

As the sun was shining I quickly took the train to Brussels and went to the Christmas market
to take some pictures.

It was real beautiful, and I will show the whole market on Tuesday for "My world" !

When I had finished my photos, the sun disappeared and I arrived home just when it started snowing again !

As I have no one to build a snow man with me, I make graffitis on my terrace !

It is a very long time ago that we had such a lot of snow in and around Brussels.


Vlado&Toni said...

beautiful garden :) so nice to watch snow, it looks very peaceful and very calming...surprised that arthur does not mind the cold..

Gracie said...

We had snow here last friday but the next day it was sunny again (even if so very cold) and luckily it was because we had a wedding to celebrate that day!

diane b said...

It looked very pretty in the morning but it must be awful not being able to get out. We have heard about the bad weather chaos in Europe and UK.

Auntie E said...

Oh I love the snow pictures. I bet it felt like the north pole too.
I really miss the Christmas market. When in Germany we loved to go to one.Every year when we decorate the tree i remember that time. Bought a lot of tree trimming there. Merry Christmas to you.

Jo said...

Hi Gattina;) is that Arthur out in the snow? (The photo taken from your patio at 10pm?) I love the market photos and the one of your neighbour playing with her dog. You wrap up warmly now. (((Hugs))) Jo

Loree said...

It all looks so very beautiful and romantic (I know, until it starts to melt right). I did some shopping and made a Nutella ring this weekend.

Mayet said...

it snowed here last week and the girls love it.

jabblog said...

I like the cat graffiti!

Felisol said...

Such beautiful Christmasy surroundings.I like a tiny layer with snow sprinkle all over the scenery before Christmas.Later on I'm more occupied by safe walking and safe driving.
Not to speak of the outdoor cats, who need to be free. at least a couple of hours a day.
Great snow graffiti.
Merry Christmas to you.

claudie said...

Very beautiful landscape! No need to visit Christmasfatherland this year!!! Anaïs and Kalle had to stay a night more at home cause the snow!!! Their flith to Helsinki via Frankfurt was canceled!!! So I had my daughter still a day!! Hourra la neige!
Today they could fly from Nice Airport to Münich and Helsinki!!! I miss her! It's the first time I realised her lovestory with the finnish boy is serious and that she could live now really in Finland for years!!!
Luckely Pierre arrived at home and he was in the same feeling! Dur dur!
Mais on ne fait pas les enfants pour soi!

A Lady's Life said...

I heard everything is blocked in Europe.
Snow snow and more snow. Skiing must be great there.
Nothing like clean white fluffy snowflakes.:)
Soon you will have someone to make snow men with Gattina

Ann said...

Graffiti on the terrace, one year, my daughter when we went to the mountains, wrote Hi to her sister on our car. It had snow like yours.

For me this weekend, It was warm and balmy, last night it was too warm to sleep. LOL