24 Dec 2010


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1. Because we are still stuck in the snow, I couldn't do anything special.

2. On one snow free moment I managed to put these little lights in our hedge. I am the only one who has some outside decorations, if you can call this so. But it looks nice. Nobody else in our street did anything because of the snow.

3. I had to go out for Christmas shopping, not for gifts but for food, the main streets were almost snow free but the parkings were full of snow and ice so I got promptly stuck and couldn't move neither forwards nor backwards. No men had ventured outside for shopping and had preferred to leave this to their dear wives, so two ladies pushed me and I could drive home (without stopping) and arrived still alive and without a damaged car.

4. I also cleaned our rather long entrance way to the house door, as it became quiet dangerous and rather impossible to walk on there unless you put on skis. Of course nobody has a snow blower here, it is the first winter since ages that we have that much snow and for such a long time.


This gives you an idea how it looks like, this time Mr. G. got stuck when he came back and I too just in front of our garage. We finally managed by pushing each other, and when we had finished our neighbor got stuck and we had to push her too ! Of course nobody has winter tires because we never needed them.

Finally came a truck with salt throw it on the street, which makes it even worse, because they should first push the snow away. I really wonder why people want to discover if we can live on mars or the moon when they are not even able to handle what is going on on earth !

The rest of my time I spent with wrapping Christmas gifts, watching TV, chatting on the phone and blogging of course !

And this afternoon we are driving to Amsterdam to celebrate Christmas with our son and family. If ever you see a big snow ball on TV which blocks the highway to Amsterdam then it's me and Mr.G. in the car stuck in the snow !

To all of you !


Gledwood said...

Hallo liebe Gattina!
Ich antwortete auf Deutsch, weil ich bin heute Deutsch-gelaunt :-)

Ich wünsche Dir ein...

Fröhliche, unterhaltend Weihnachten!
Prosit Neujahr!

Viele Grüße aus schneereichem London

Gledwood :->...

Linens and Royals said...

Happy Christmas to you and all your family Gattina and the cats too of course. Drive carefully in all that snow.
I am going to son's house for Christmas and it will be a HOT day and no matter how far I drive I will still be in the same hot country.
Enjoy Amsterdam and little Toby.

Gracie said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family. Have the greatest of time with your loved ones.

Jo said...

Oh Gattina, that's what would happen in South Africa if it snowed heavily. No-one is geared for snowy conditions. You're right: why look how to live on mars or the moon when we don't cope on earth. Imagine that the men stay indoors and leave the womenfolk to do the snow-walk. Your hubby sounds a real gentleman: helping the neighbour lady with you. What happens to your cats while you're away or are you only away one day? Have a safe trip and enjoy your first Christmas as grandparents. (((Hugs))) Jo

Maribeth said...

Drive safely and Frohe Weihnachten!!!

Lisa notes... said...

Snow. Wow. I can only dream of it. Enjoy your time inside staying nice and warm. Merry Christmas!

Gledwood said...

Hi Gattina, did I get my German Xmas greetings correct? I've sent similar sentiments to a few of my German speaking bloggerfriends. I hope I didn't say anything too stupid!!

e.g. what on earth does Prosit mean? I looked it up but got no definition apart from "Prosit Neujahr"... not v helpful when I need to know what prosit means on its own... know what I mean??!

Lifecruiser Travel Blog said...

Ah, yes, the d*mn snow!!!! Hubby had to shovel around the car, it was totally covered by snow - the man managing the snow clearance is not very good at it, he leave everything AROUND and up on the cars.... grrrr...

claudie said...

I hope yo have good time in Amsterdam with your son and family!
What a weather! it looks like you are in Finland!!!
I finally post on my blog about Christmas but really quickly because we will leave our house in january and I have to pack all!!!

Melli said...

Ohhhhhh... looks like you are having OUR winter from LAST year! I HOPE you keep it on YOUR side of the world this year! We have had about 2-3 inches today. That's MORE than enough for me. We still had some on the ground from the 2-3 inches we got over a week ago! It's just been THAT cold here!!! I knew your house would be the FESTIVE one!