16 Jul 2010


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1. Last saturday our son and DIL visited us from Amsterdam and he prepared a barbecue in the evening.

The weather was warm and nice and we were prepared to start to eat when a terrible thunderstorm came up and we had to run inside. Fortunately the meat was grilled !

It was late afternoon and it looked like night

2. The next day it was sunny again so I could ask my son to take a big carpet out of my room

which he did. Here you see a picture of "posh" people with oriental carpets on their terrace.

3. I rearranged my room and put a rag in, now it looks much bigger

of course Sir Arthur has to try it out.

4. Our neighbors are on Holidays in France and Mr. G. takes care of their cat with the nice name "Chou chou", which means something like Darling or Sweatheart.

So each morning when he calls "Chou Chou" my neighbor looks out of the window and shouts back "Yes !" You see there was sunshine in the morning but in the evening was a thunderstorm again and it rained cats and dogs. Mr. G. put his Australian raincoat on his shorts to cross the street, of course followed by Sir Arthur.

5. In Belgium there are only two periods of "Sales". One winter sale which starts on January 2nd and one summer sale starting on July 1st. During the year sales are not allowed. You can imagine the rush on the first days !

I also looked a little around, but didn't find anything not even a little cat figure. I quickly lost my patience when I saw all these people bargain hunting.


"The muffed target" is a new meme on MONDAYS and has no special rules. Just post pictures which are not at all like you had wanted and describe how it happened. Then leave a link here on my blog for other participants.
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Melli said...

Pft! I can not even IMAGINE "sales" only twice a year! In America everything is ALWAYS "on sale" - so we don't even notice a difference in price! It's crazy! It goes from Christmas sales to January "white" sales to Valentine's Day sales to Presidents Day sales to St. Patrick's Day sales (of course - each "day's" sales last for 2 weeks!) So all year is just one big SALE!

I'm glad you got to enjoy a barbeque with the little family!

Gracie said...

You know, your carpet looks so much alike the one I have in my living room.....as soon as I get back I'l try to snap a photo.

Maribeth said...

It's funny because in the USA they have weekly sales. And now in Germany they also have specials (Schnaeppchen) all the time too. My Uschi loves this, and so do I.

Laura said...

So interesting about your sales. I can imagine the mad rush!

I laughed out loud at the neighbor replying to "Chou Chou"!!

Time with family is always great, isn't it -- rain or shine!

Kari said...

I like the carpet.
your weather sounds a little like what we are having here.
that's interesting that you cannot have SALES at any other times.
happy weekend.

Brenda said...

I love your blog and learning little tidbits about your life. I also hearing about your bi-annual sales. It would make them more exciting.

The pictures are great too.

Loree said...

Bi-annual sales are hte otder of the day here too. I think I prefer the American way. It seems like if you wait long enough you will get what you want at a great price.

A Lady's Life said...

We always took our carpet out in winter and washed it in the snow.
When its brought back inside it smelled fresh and clean and ready for another year.
But I also wash carpets by hanging then on something then you wash it with a broom and some gentle soap.
Then after rincing it drains and dries in the sun. Thats why I love throw carpeting.

Susanne said...

It is hard to wrap my mind around the fact that sales are not allowed except those two times in the year. I try not to buy stuff unless it is on sale. That would seriously cramp my shopping style. LOL.

I love your nice patio that wraps around your house.

Lifecruiser Travel Blog said...

Never mention the word grill or BBQ, that's when the rain starts.... *giggles*

Oh, I didn't know the facts about sales in B. So odd to not have any sales during the rest of the year!