11 Jul 2010


More participants here at Sarcastic Mom Weekly winners

My weekly winners should have been nice pictures of our first barbecue since eternities

It started well

Arthur waiting for the meat

Rosie too

Mr. G. tried to amuse them with soap bubbles

the family prepares

suddenly it got dark

and we got the shower of the year ! We had to move inside


claudie said...

It was a good beginning!!! And Mr G enjoyed with bubbles!!! Hi, hi!
But with rain or without I think the food on the BBQ was good!!!

diane said...

Bad luck but I bet it cooled you down a bit. Great picture story.

Maribeth said...

I love to grill out back on the patio, but Jack insisted on putting on a screened in porch with a real roof and even windows to keep the rain out. So we have somewhere we can escape to.

Anonymous said...

Awe too bad. But what great photos. Love the bubbles. LOL. And thanks for the info on the solar. :)

Donna said...

Those Summer Showers they come fast! Your kitties are so sweet. I love, love cats!

Melli said...

Ohhhhhhhhh nooooooo! That's because it was the first BBQ in forever! You need to BBQ more often! Dennis cooks on the grill almost every night ... and we have a drought going on. It's SOOOOOOO dry here!

alady'slife said...

aren't blowing bubbles fun? And then the rain ...very refreshing