17 Jul 2010


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This week I had lunch with a friend. At that stage of my life I realize that some of them just became old and we have not at all the same interests anymore.

When the drinks arrived she was enumerating all the people who had died around her. I thought it was a pity that I didn't own a funeral business.

When the starter arrived she told me that she is getting blind. I was horrified and asked her what desease she had. She said a complicated word, which sounded very intelligent and in latin, but didn't say anything to me. She explained that she would be blind in 25 years. Considering the fact that she is 74 I thought there was still hope that she would see for quiet a while. Next came all the cancers around her.

When the main course arrived, I tried to change the subject with the result that she started to talk about her guts. How lazy they were, and that she had to take pills everyday and sit on the thrown for hours. I thought too bad that she has no cats like my Arthur who loves to keep company to people in this special place.

During the meal I listened to all details, like having too much air and that she is afraid that she would release a fart. I send a prayer to heaven that it wouldn't happen and that people around us wouldn't faint.

When I asked about her daughter who is 34 hoping to hear some good news. She told me that she is fine, but that this and this and this friend of a friend of a friend of her daughter had cancers or accidents.

By the time we had arrived at the end of our meal and had coffee.

She sighed with pleasure, pointed out that the food had been excellent, that it had been so nice to meet me and that now she had to go to her "Health club", where she runs, bikes and lifts heavy things for re building her body. Which honnestly isn't necessary as she looks great.

Please tell me when I start to blog about my guts !


HOOTIN' ANNI said...

LOL....I know so many like that who LOVE to talk about what meds they're taking for this and that, and how it makes them react...what aches they have, and where...and what they feel like. There are so many hypochondriacs around that it's really not funny...it's pathetic. But you made it sound so hysterical.

My funnies are posted. And if you laugh at them...please don't fart!!

Maribeth said...

That was wonderful!

Melli said...

Well... you've started blogging about your friend's guts! LOL! Does that count??? Honestly... I know people like your friend... sadly, I avoid them!

Next time you take her out to eat, arrange to have a NO FARTING ZONE sign posted! LOL!

diane said...

Don't we all know someone like that. So funny saying she might fart at the table in a restaurant.

Hazel said...

I LOLed at "all the cancers" and the fart bit. Guess these people are global. We also have them in our part of the planet. The difference is you know how to make it sound funny. Loved it!

Anonymous said...

OMG this is just too damn funny. The farting part is just too much. And trust me when you start blogging about your guts I'm going to be first in line to let you know LOL. Have a great weekend :)

alady'slife said...

I find people who complain a lot live the longer than the ones who never complain and then one day...poof they are gone. lol
Then they say the person was never sick a day in his life lol
Well he probably was just never talked about it.Farting is one thing but when you have air coming out thats not a fart that's something to worry about. lol
That you never even know you have till its gone out.lol

Lifecruiser Travel Blog said...

Ha ha ha... sounds like she have a very boring life and has got stuck with the negative tings in life. What a pity! And waste!

OH, I loved your comment that it's too bad that she don't have a cat like Arthur! *giggles*

Bloggin'withAmanda said...

Gattina you always tell the best stories, you're way too vibrant to hang out with the "old farts" LOL!

TopChamp said...

You'll never be like that. Far too many other interests.