13 Jun 2010


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When we visited Chellah a necropolis and complex of ancient and medieval ruins near Rabat in Morocco there were two Ladies turning around the female tourists.

first an overlook who could be a "victim" ?

maybe a little further ..

here we are

My friend agrees to a "one week" lasting tattoo

first the money of course

then a big smile

the work

and the result !

My friend discretely washed it off when the ladies had disappeared, she really didn't like this sh... like color !

But a little girl was very proud of the result !


Gledwood said...

I could have done that!
I thought she was paying for a sit-down job, you know, where the henna looks like lace gloves from fingers to elbows, including palms.
I once bought some henna paste, because my friends had a nightclub stall where there was space to do henna tattooing (and it was that sort of party: full of hippies with eyes like saucers!) ~ but none of us could get it to apply well enough. The stuff was too weak, and you needed a finer applicator to put on really intricate designs...
I posted up Morocco today. There was a royal garden I went to behind the palace in Rabat. It cost a few dirham to get in. Did you go there? I think it might be called Chellah Gardens... whatever, it was amazing ;-0

Gledwood said...

PS 2 answer your question, yes I do have use of a computer now, without constantly going down the cybercaff. Hurrah!

Ann said...

The Indians do it too. So far noboy has asked if I wanted it. I have many Indian girl friends.

claudie said...

I understand the little girl was happy!!! And of course I understand very well your friend who didn't like it!!! I show a woman in the street last time, she had one on the hand and I remember I didn't like it!!!!
My post is up! I run after the time since the house is full and I am not on vacation!!! But I am on a little cloud with my daughter at home!

diane said...

After you wash it off the stain is supposed to stay for a while. We have mothers from our school kids come and do it for free on Harmony Day. I think your friend might have been ripped off.

Loree said...

I would like to get a henna tattoo. It's nice that they wash off with time. Some women do some very beautiful work.

Jingle said...

very informative post!

jingle said...


Happy Sunday!
Some awards on lower button of the post...Take good care.

Anonymous said...

It was nice of your friend to support local trades women. I hope they don't read this post!! Hehehe

Melli said...

I thought maybe it was the henna tattoos, where they DO wash it off after a little while - but the stain remains on the skin. Everywhere you go there is someone selling SOME KIND of gimmick, isn't there?