11 Jun 2010

SHOW & TELL Friday

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As you may understand, just coming back from a very interesting round trip through Morocco, I am still with one foot there. So I wanted to show you what was our duty during such a trip, you have to visit a carpet factory and of course they want you to buy. (Like we do with Tupperwear....)

we were all sitting around and got a cup of mint tea

then they showed what we could buy (Morocco is French speaking, besides arabic of course, because it had been under French "protection")

my friend Domi decided to buy one and had a closer look

they are all very beautiful

she decided to buy the little red one hanging right on the top which finally is not that little. It looks beautiful !

I didn't find anything to buy, there was nothing interesting to me because I was there last year and of course always the same things are sold.


Maribeth said...

Love Persian carpets! So beautiful!

MaR said...

Lovely carpets, but I prefer my bare tiles in the summertime :)

diane b said...

An interesting sale. Could you sit on one and fly away?

Melli said...

They are gorgeous! I LOVE that round red one he rolled out! I doubt I would have bought either though... HOW would I get it HOME??? LOL!

claudie said...

They look beautiful! We have one here from Marocco because Pierre's parents lived there during a long time. I was surbooked all the week and even the WE since I have Anaïs, Kalle and sister at home and plus my job with the events of the end of the schoolyear!! I hope to find a moment this WE to post something and visit my blogfriends!!!

Gledwood said...

Aren't the carpet shops amazing! In Fez, the Official Tour Guide offered me a kilo of hashish and said he could put it through the carpet shop's accounts on my Visa card!

The mint tea is v nice, but I'm surprised any Moroccans have any teeth left, the mountains of sugar they heap into it!!

Perhaps it sounds strange, after having spent nearly a month in France, but the place my French actually came in handiest was Morocco!
This was in 1991 (perhaps things have changed slightly today) but the European language most Moroccans spoke back then was French. English was usually only spoken by people who specifically wanted to work in business or tourism.
I made friends who could not speak any English at all and found myself in lots of situations where I would have been lost if I had to rely on English alone. Finally at long long last all those hours of study had paid off!

I translated Thursday's post "Robin Chirping Its Head off in Bush" into German. It's only 50 words or so... you don't mind going over it in cyber-red-pen, do you..?


One intricacy I could not get right was how I'd say I thought today's robin had a song even more intricate than yesterday's thrush or Tuesday's blackbird ...

I just put ... more intricate than the thrush yesterday or the blackbird on Tuesday and avoided the possessive altogether... I don't know whether that was right...

Gledwood said...

Hallo Gattina!
Heute (Samstag) habe ich einen besonderen Deutschen Bericht über dem Nachtigall angeklebt.
Komm mal und hör das erstaunliche Lied!
(Das letztes Youtube-Video (ohne Bild) ist das beste.)
Hab ein wunderbare Wochenend!

Gledwood said...

Das letzte Youtube-Video ist das beste.

(Nicht letztes!)

Ach Scheiße! Wie blöd bin ich?

Lifecruiser Travel Blog said...

I liked that red one too, but to take it with me home? I don't think I would. I'd fill our home with things from all trips! *giggles*