25 May 2010


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I am actually on a round trip through Morocco, and today we visited
the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca which is the third largest mosque in the world. It stands on a promontory looking out to the Atlantic. Its minaret is the world's tallest at 210 m (689 ft)

We took the usual tourist pictures, but when I am back I will write a little more about the city. There is such a lot of traffic and the cars are coming from all sides. Red lights are there but nobody cares. Crossing a street is almost like committing suicide, but apparently there are very few accidents.

Tomorrow we will visit Rabat, which is the capital of Morocco.

The mosque

a little closer, it is really enormous

The proof that I was there

together with my friend and neighbor Dominique (Yanouk's mom)

Beautiful mosaics everywhere


  1. How interesting!! glad I am not driving over there :)
    Beautiful architecture and your much deserved sunshine!
    Do you have to keep your head covered ? my friend came back last week from a business trip to Iran and she had to have her head and arms covered at all times...

  2. You must remember this
    A kiss is still a kiss
    A sigh is just a sigh...

    All I know about Casablanca is it means "white house", I once went there for half an hour, where my Japanese travel companion argued with a taxi driver, who wanted to charge more to get across town than the train fair to Fez. So we went to Fez!! Sounds like you are having a charming time, all the best

  3. Beautiful Gattina. Glad you're enjoying it. The traffic sounds like Khartoum - there is no road rage here. Enjoy the next leg of your tour. PS I love your hijab! Safe travels - Jo

  4. How beautiful. Now don't you try and commit suicide with those red lights LOL Great photos. I'm glad you sent proof that you are there. I would have never believed you ROFLMAO!!! yeah right. Have fun my friend :)

  5. How beautiful! Thanks for sharing Gattina.

  6. Beautiful shots. Very colorful mosque.

  7. That mosque looks beautiful. Were you allowed to go inside? I love visiting places like that...churches, mosques, tabernacles...I'm not fussy.

  8. What a beautiful mosaic! Glad you are having fun!

  9. I love Moroccan mosaics. They are able to achieve such intricate patterns with all the little tiles. Great works of art.

  10. Marvelous shots, Gattina! The architeture is beautiful! A bath in another wotld!

  11. Fabulous architecture - and the mosaic especially!


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