14 Nov 2009


Yesterday we went to Cairo, an appropriate date, it was Friday the 13 ! but everything went smooth and we had a wonderful time. We wanted to drive by bus to see the most of the Egyptian landscapes instead of taking a plane where you sit for half an hour and see nothing else but tourists. We were very lucky, as 4 other people desisted in the last minute. We had a new Van with 12 places, a guide and a driver all alone for us for only 125 € (a little more in $) !

As we are rather tired today, we left at 2 am and came back at 10 pm I just post some pictures and tell more about our trip later. (we made 1000 km in one day !)

We discover the pyramides and the sphinx

Chantal is the best example that even handicapped you can enjoy life very much ! We took a camel ride and here you see how she was sat on the camel ! My camel had the nice name of Michael Jackson. Fortunately it was very good and didn't dance like him. Moonwalk on a camel ? My poor bottom ! We admired the pyramides and Cairo from high above on our camels ! It was a wonderful feeling and I am sorry that we have no camel for sale and use in Waterloo ! It would be so nice to do my shopping and it could also mow the grass !

We also visited the biggest mosque in Cairo. For that we had to wear these green garden dwarf costumes. As I had a scarf I only had to wear the habit, but Chantel had it all and on top of it, they put her plastic bags on her shoes. She can't walk without the difference of her legs is too big.

You are only allowed to enter without shoes, which is understandable. They have beautiful carpets and tiles in there and they would get damaged with all these people. We laughed and laughed seeing each other and all the tourists were laughing when they saw themselves. The Egyptians laughed with us, it is very free and open there, some men were praying (or sleeping) on the carpet floor, some read a book, others walked around with their families.

We had a coffee just under the pyramides in a palace which belonged to the last King Faruk and had been transformed into a hotel and restaurant. I will show more pictures later. What a luxury and gold and gold!

More about Cairo tomorrow<


  1. "Discover" your blog through the blog "Heaven is in Belgium". Friends are so special - ENJOY your time in Egypt - look like you had lots of fun together!

    It's now summertime in South Africa and I really enjoy the warmer weather!

  2. Oh, what a fun-tastic van trip!! truly worth it although just the thought of it made me tired. You are so unternehmungslustig, it's wonderful.

    Great shots and descriptions, looking forward to more!

  3. What a fantastic experience you two are having and your friend is wonderful to attempt such adventures. A great role model for us all.

  4. I suspect the reason you have to take your shoes off isn't because they're worried about the carpets. Still, it sounds like you had a fun day!

  5. Oooo.... that is one of my dream destination!! *envy*

    You look great in that Egyptian attire. Enjoy your trip!

  6. Sounds like a good trip so far.

  7. Ohhhh you two are a stitch in those green robes! I LOVE it! You are right - Chantel has such a good attitude -- and I was JUST wondering how she makes do being a tourist and walking in all that sand when you introduced her wheel-camel! How wonderful to have a camel to do all her walking for her! (well, most of it!) That is great!

  8. OOOOHHHH how fun. You know camels spit at you? So watch out. What great photos and the trip sounds absolutely wonderful :) Were you bowl legged after riding that beast? LOL :)

  9. I think your friend, Chantal, is just amazing. She's a great example of never letting a disability stopping her from enjoying life. However, she has you as a friend and I'm sure that helps her along, too.

    I love those green robes...very chic!

    That mosque looks just beautiful, but 1000 km in a day...whew, no wonder you were a bit weary.

    Glad you're having such a great time.

    BTW, if you want a camel. We have plenty of them in Australia running wild. But you'd have to come over and catch your own...

  10. I'm so envious of your trip.

  11. I love all of the pictures.....it's good to see you having such a fun trip!

  12. What a fabulous visit! I'm very curious to know more about the atmosphere and people there! What about your feeling in front of the sphynx?


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