28 Oct 2009


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I had bought a new broom for outside and when I tried it out, I found a parcel sitting at the front door. Being a careful person and the fact that it came from a fortress I had it checked by Rosie.

Rosie had slept deeply, and was rather annoyed that I asked her to play "finding bombs" dog and check the parcel. Finally she sniffed at it, found nothing suspect and fell asleep again. Reassured I opened the parcel and showed the content to Rosie.

as always when cats are not sure what they have to do they wash ! She also didn't seem very interested.

When I told her we would now start with learning arabic until we knew speaking zulu, she panicked but I calmed her down by telling her I would read each evening some pages of "The cat who had 14 Tales" to her. She wondered a little bit about the 14 tails on a cat, maybe she also was a little jalous because she only has one.

and then she started to play with the little bats.

You know who send me this wonderful parcel full of surprises ? Dr.John and his dear wife Betty right out of their fortress ! Dr. John had organized

Each day his wife Betty pulled a name out of a bucket and I won !! That's a real miracle because I never won anything ! But you can check here !

and here is a detailed list of the parcel's content :

- The Cat Who had Fourteen Tales (not tails) (I will start this book tonight !)
- A full gram of Spanish Saffron (we love it)
- 3 Halloween finger puppets (just in time for my decoration
- 3 Halloween bats (confiscated by Rosie)
- A genuine Irish Collector’s Spoon (have used it already for my afternoon tea)
- And a 3 disk 51 language immersion disk set. (Deep sigh !)

THANK YOU, THANK YOU so much ! you suddenly seem so near and real !!


Anonymous said...

Congrats again. What a great package. Dr. John and Betty are just awesome. I wanna taste your saffron buns :)

MaR said...

That's wonderful, I am very happy for you! I never win anything either, but now you can't say that :)

I found this cat on facebook yesterday, hope it works here, because it looks cute (I think!)

.…… /\„„/\
.……(“) „.(“)
.……│„„ „│
.……/„/„ \„\
……(„)''l l''(„)

Hootin' Anni said...

Congratulations Ms. G!!!! I bet you're thrilled!

And that cat keyboard drawing is awesome.

Maribeth said...

Totally cool.

Dr.John said...

Betty and I are glad the package made you and the cat happy.

Lifecruiser said...

Congrats! Sounded like interesting gifts indeed even though Rosie wasn't convinced.

Ehrm... Never won anything? If I don't recall wrong here, you have won once earlier: the crazy hat parade in the cyber cruise! But that wan a cyber competition, not a real one... *giggles*

Vlado&Toni said...

wow congratulations for winning! what a wonderful to find a parcel in front of your door and not the normal junk mail!

i also have not won anything in life - hope to be lucky one of these days.

Melli said...

YOU GOT IT FAST!!! WOW!!! ENJOY that book -- I have read them all! And perhaps you and I will make saffron buns on different continents together!

Gledwood said...

What is that CD Rom thing in 51 languages..? I know you're polyglot Gattina but even I didn't think you spoke THAT many ..!!!