28 Sep 2009


Ari, our host for this week wants to know :

If you could click your heels three times, and change lives with any character from any film, who would it be and why?

I have to admit that I had to rake my brain to find a character in a film I want to be. As I don't want to be a beautiful woman who finds a rich man to marry, or a kind of Mother Teresa, which is not my style either, I finally googled for famous movies or famous women, without any result. I just wanted to give up and stay myself because anyway I don't wear shoes with heels anymore, when I stumbled over Miss Marple (a figure invented by Agatha Christie) and that was it !

I click three times with my non existing heels and I am Miss Marple !

Miss Jane Marple is an elderly lady (that fits on me) who lives in the little English village of St. Mary Mead (I could move there) . Superficially stereotypical, she is dressed neatly in tweed and is frequently seen knitting or pulling weeds in her garden. As this doesn't fit at all for me, I decide to wear a long skirt, and paint on my easel cats and flowers in my garden until a murder happens.

Miss Marple sometimes comes across as confused or "fluffy". I would replace confused by scatter brained. According to Wikipedia when it comes to solving mysteries, she has a sharp logical mind, and an almost unmatched understanding of human nature with all its weaknesses, strengths, quirks and foibles. In the detective story tradition, she often embarrasses the local "professional" police by solving mysteries that have them stumped.

That's just what would be perfect for me. I would solve all unsolved crimes of husbands who murdered their wives, or women who poisened their husbands, and make the police look ridiculous.

I would look like this Miss Marple, just looking in my purse to take notes of the crime scene.

These actresses also played Miss Marple but I they don't fit.

For those who don't know Miss Marple I could click my heels and be the mystery writer and amateur detective Jessica Fletcher in "Murder she wrote".

In fact the title comes from "Murder, She Said", an adaptation of a Miss Marple novel by Agatha Christie. The character of Jessica Fletcher is thought to be based on a combination of Miss Marple, and Agatha Christie herself which would suit me very much too.

So you can choose, either I am Miss Marple or I am Jessica Fletcher ! I don't mind !


Peter said...

A worthy click of the heel-less shoes Gattina, I think you would be a very wothy Miss Marple.

diane said...

We sometimes watch her on TV. Next time I'll imagine you.

Maribeth said...

Perfect! I was trying to think of who I would be, and I am just not sure. If I should think of it, I will let you know.

wendishness said...

Miss Marple is such a fun character of Agatha Christie's, my sister is especially a fan of hers. Great choice.

Janis said...

Great choice Gattina...you would make a great Miss Marple. Happy FM

Pamela said...

I can see you with your camera and cats -- solving any crime!

I've enjoyed the Miss Marple movies I've watched.

Melli said...

I would choose Miss Marple over Jessica Fletcher - though either WOULD be fun! However... If I was to choose a fictional character to be I would choose Mary Poppins! I would like to pop in and out of chalk drawings and go rooftop hopping with Burt and the other chimney sweeps! And who doesn't want her carpet bag purse??? I would also enjoy floating into town with my bumbershoot! :)

Faye said...

Good choice Gattina. In one you get to live in an nice English village. In the other a lovely Maine village. Both women are underestimated because of their appearance and apparent harmlessness. Big mistake! I think either one of them would get on well with my favorite English detective, DCS Christopher Foyle in Foyle's War. We're thinking along the same lines this week.

Sayre said...

Both fascinating women with strong minds. They do what they do and to heck with the rest of what the world thinks!

Good choice!

TorAa said...

Haha, Fred Astaire was on TCM yesterday - I say no more.

Have you thought about Cats and Birds?
We did listen to a Radio program this afternoon about the theme.
I wrote a post about the consquences.

Thom said...

Oooo I think this is a wonderful choice...who is she? LOL...just joking :)

Dr.John said...

I think you made a wonderful choice. I can see you in the role.

Molly said...

What a wonderful post Gattina. You have completed the assignment exactly. Although I would be addled-brained trying to solve murder mysteries, the goal is certainly admirable.

Ari_1965 said...

I love Miss Marple. If you have a chance, see the 1970s Brit TV versions with Joan Hickson. She also recorded a number of the Miss Marple books and stories on CD. They say that Agatha Christie herself once told Joan Hickson she should play Miss Marple.

Yes, I think I'd like to be Miss Marple, too. I'd have my private income and I'd live in my charming house in my charming village. My housemaid, cook and gardener would do all the work. And every once in a while there'd be a good murder for me to solve. Sounds good to me.