26 Jun 2009


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Some of you know that I am actually in Italy at the Garda Lake. As the weather is not so nice, I was happy to find a nice "office" with Internet connection just in front of our appartment in a camping. There is a nice bar surrounded with flowers and palm trees, where I can sit, write and chat !

Here is the view from outside


The entrance

the terrace with tables

and myself with my "Ordino" which means little computer in Italian. It is really very practical for travelling.

Yesterday we went to Venice and also to Murano which is famous for its glass blowing. Of course I will show pictures of it later when I am home again.



Meanwhile I show you what I bought. A mom cat with 3 kittens in Murano glass. It's very cute !


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I heard about Michael Jacksons death this morning.
He was a great artist. I saw him life together with my son in 1988 in Brussels.
I am really sad that he died so young.


diane said...

I want one of those little computers but I also want a better camera. mmmm I think the camera wins. Love the little glass cats.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Oh, I want an office like that! I want a little computer, too. But unless I won the $90m lotto next week, I guess I'll just have to wait.

What pretty little figures. As I've said before I love the glassware from that area.

Enjoy Lake Garda...

Gee said...

Beautiful scenery and a nice place to relax and surfing the internet.

Susan said...

Your new little cat & kitten set is cute.

Gracie said...

I always love to go to Venice and especially to Murano, my husband keeping me for go bankrupt each time!
Love what you bought, and I can't wait to see your photos.

Smilingsal said...

Aren't you sweet to take time to show us a part of your trip to Italy! I've been to the Murano factory and bought a piece. Oh, it's beautiful!

Here's my Show and Tell:

Patricia Lee said...

Beautiful photos! Cute little glass critters, too. Hope you have a wonderful time...Thank you for sharing!

Lifecruiser said...

Looks like a great place to do some computing - I wouldn't mind being there :-)

Though we have had and it's said to continue: gorgeous high temperature summer weather!!!! Hurray!!!!

that's why I haven't been here for some days: we've been out all days enjoying it! Better to do that while it lasts... ONe never know with our weather. I hope we won't get the floodings they have in other European places.... *crossing my fingers*

Yes, its really sad about Michael Jackson. So young, so sad life he had, well at least part of it. I'm sorry to see it end in that sad way.

Love Bears All Things said...

Looks like a lovely place to be this summer. The little kitties are so cute.
Yes, I agree about the sad death of Michael. I remember him so well when he was a little boy singing lead with his brothers. And later on his own. I loved the song about change. And I enjoyed seeing him dance.
Mama Bear

Ann said...

What do you write? I am also a wannabe write. Finished a book, but New Zealand is so small that afte being rejected by Penguin and Random, I left th ebook sitting in the "basement."

I teach ESOL to adults and children. This year, I had three adukt Italians, and it is fun.

I have yet traveled to Europe, stopovers in Belguim and London doesn't count. May be one day, I will find enough money to visit. Mean while, it is great chatting with you.

Melli said...

You just go ahead and sit right there for 7 more days - or however many you have! If you don't like Italy, then visit with us!

Those are some CUTE little kitties you got!

Liz said...

You are gadding about again! Having a wonderful time by the sound of it!