23 Jun 2009

MY WORLD - Northern Italy

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Even in Northern Italy you should never be in a hurry. We arrived on saturday and on sunday morning I was looking for internet connection and hurrah ! I found a cheap connection just in the next door camping ! Instead of 5 € for an hour he only asked 1 €. Good news. So armed with my baby computer I crossed the little path from our flat to the camping and found the reception open but with a lady at the counter who didn't know anything about a computer. It was as if I had asked for a space shuttle to rent.

Finally after half an hour her son showed up just to tell me that I had to come back in the afternoon, because there was no paper in the printer to print out my code. Apparently it's a special thing and he had to go to the next big town to buy it. In the afternoon, he had forgotten to buy the paper so I came back in the evening and now I am finally here this morning ! The weather is so and so, it's hot then cold then cloudy then blue sky. Definitively not the heat of Morocco, I even had to buy a cardigan.

So for the moment my world is here in northern Italy at the Garda Lake. As I have been here the last three years I wrote already about this beautiful lake in my Countries and Cities blog. I know this part of Italy very well because I have been here 23 times ! Mr. Gattino is from here.

Internet connection can be very moody because of the high mountains around the lake, so I am very sorry if I can't vist a lot of blogs. My time is also limited.

Here are a few new pictures I took since we arrived.

During our trip we really had bad weather and it often rained. But as soon as we arrived at the border between Austria and Italy, we had to pleasure to see this :



weather at the entrance of the Italian highway just after leaving Austria
and wonderful sunshine in Italy just behind the border ! We had left Germany at 7°C in the morning and suddenly had 30°C in Italyin the afternoon !

Torbole App. Building
My home for 10 days

The beach, empty early morning


The river Sarca enters the lake coming from the high mountains

Riva cute little town


PS. Please also visit WW tomorrow, because I am in Venice and had to schedule the post.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this and the wonderful photos. Very nice and beautiful scenery.

diane said...

It looks a beautiful spot. And a nice flat too. Its a hard life for you !!!

Melli said...

Ahhhhh yes! My friend, you DO make me jealous! I could stand in that spot looking at the river and the mountains for about a million years! Carry on having fun! Find me MORE beauty - more! More!

SandyCarlson said...

The scenery is gorgeous. You worked hard to make this photos available. Thanks!

EastCoastLife said...

I wish I were with you, Gattina!
Such a beautiful place. *envy*

Maribeth said...

Oh it's lovely. I could stand a little quiet, boredom and sunbathing, even if it is a little cool. It's been such a busy two months that I am ready for some rest and relaxation.

Dr.John said...

Beautiful pictures. It may not seem like a vacation to you but it sure looks like a vacation to me.

Lifecruiser said...

I'm there!!!!!!