16 Apr 2009

THURSDAY THIRTEEN - Quotes about politeness


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In my painting group we had a discussion about good manners and politeness. Everybody was complaining about the kids or young people today. The reason was that one of my classmates got a visit from overseas, a friend of a friend whom she had never seen. This person enjoyed the day with her very much, but didn't even invite her for a coffee or sent a little "Thank you" after she was home and this wasn't a teenager ! Apparently some adult people don't know either what politeness is, so how could they give a good example ?

I found 13 quotes about politeness

1. It is a part of good breeding that a man should be polite even to himself.

2. Ceremonies are different in every country, but true politeness is everywhere the same.

3. There is a politeness of the heart; this is closely allied to love.

4. politeness is a sine qua non of civilization.

5. Politeness smooths wrinkles.

6. One of the greatest victories you can gain over someone is to beat him at politeness.

7. Politeness is as much concerned in answering letters within a reasonable time, as it is in returning a bow, immediately.

8. Politeness is the flower of humanity.

9. True politeness is perfect ease and freedom. It simply consists in treating others just as you love to be treated yourself

10. Politeness is an easy virtue, costs little, and has great purchasing power.

11. Fine manners are like personal beauty,--a letter of credit everywhere.

12. There is nothing costs less than civility.

13. Politeness costs little and yields much.

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☆Willa☆ said...

great list, my personal quote, parents was judged with their parenting style by their kids politeness.
My Thursday 13

Shionge said...

I love that politeness smoothes wrinkles hehehe..that's a good one.

Mar said...

That's a great list Gattina, some things never go out of style.

Betty said...

Well, perhaps it is because of culture. I'm from Malaysia, and I've never written a thank-you note in my life. I do say a lot of verbal thank-yous though.

anthonynorth said...

Ah, the world would be such a nicer place if we could all be more polite. Maybe it's degraded because it doesn't cost anything.

claudie said...

C'est un sujet qui tombe à pic!!!!
Juste au bon moment!
C'est drôle quand je relis ton billet immédiatement un ou deux personnages me viennent à l'esprit!
politeness is very important, right. I don't think it's a question of age. Some of my 4 th years old pupils are very polits more than some adults. First to be polit you must have opened eyes on others and not be to much egoïst. It's an attitude to be in harmony with others.

Hootin' Anni said...

That would make a great short story about a man being polite to himself.

My 13 is posted....all flowers in our yard, done in a collage for you. Drop by if you can find time. Happy Thursday.

Daisy said...

Great list - politeness is a lost art! Happy Thursday and loved the comic!

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Brenda ND said...

Good post. It's important to be polite. Happy TT!

I am Harriet said...

ooohhhhh... politeness smooths wrinkles. I'm all over that one :)

Jeanette said...

Gday Gattina, Great post on POLITENESS. It doesn't cost anything to be polite and say thank you.. I dispise rude people.with out manners. Thankfully I feel very pround when I go out with my family and grandchildren there a delight to take out and well mannered...

Rikki said...

Sehr schöne Zitate, Gattina. Besonders gefallen mir #3 und #4. Danke, daß du bei mir vorbeigesehen hast. Wie nett, mal eine deutsche TT'lerin zu treffen. LG Rikki

Sidhe said...

Great list! Politeness seems to be going the way of the dodo these days, doesn't it? I found you through Thursday 13. :)

Julia Smith said...

Love the cartoon panel! And this is great:

'One of the greatest victories you can gain over someone is to beat him at politeness.'

I used to use that technique when I worked at a store and was faced with unbelievably rude customers. Worked every time!

Auntie Q said...

Great list! Great reminder, too! Loved the cartoon! :)

Jientje said...

No better anti wrinkle treatment than being polite huh? And it costs nothing!

Sarah said...

I'm LOL'ing over the comic part!
I try to teach my kids please and thank you :) They're really good about it, unless they're being shy :)

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Mike M said...

This is a great blog. I will be back for more!

A Lady's Life said...

Politeness yes.
Rap no.
The bad words have different meanings today apparently than what we attributed them to.
Like sick means cool, great.
The b word means something else, not what we say it does.
I find all this is just an excuse to use them.I guess its like everything else in this world. We hope they will outgrow them when they have kids of their own.:)

All Rileyed Up said...

Love the cartoon that ends this list :)

Pamela Kramer said...

I love this post! I especially like the cartoon at the end. That is soooo cute. I had to share it with my hubby. Happy TT and thanks for stopping by this week.

Dr.John said...

We were taught to be polite from the time we were very little.We taught our kids as well.

Pamela said...

our grandparents would roll over in their graves.....

bARE-eYED sUN said...

today's post struck a special chord with us. yes, we find today's manners pretty much the same as you do: absent.

it amazes us that a simple "thank you" seldom elicits a response.

going through a day's interactions has become so mechanical, so dismissive of encounters with others that it is like looking at the blurring landscape through the window of a fast moving train.

getting through each day has become more important than living it.

thank you for a thoughtful post.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful list. Number one would change the world for the better all on its own.

Happy TT


storyteller said...

Wonderful quotes ... I love #5 and enjoyed the cartoon too.
Hugs and blessings,