25 Apr 2009


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Mr. Gattino doesn't move enough and the Doctor told him that he has to walk every day. So he walks each morning from his car to the café where he takes his coffee with his friends. Of course the car has to be parked as close as possible to his café.

But my friend and neighbour Dominique has a beautiful dog who needs to be walked every day. On Thursdays she babysits her grandson and I thought this is the opportunity for Mr. Gattino's health, a walk with a dog ! So every thursday we have an agreement, he walks Yanouk or rather Yanouk walks him. Until yesterday !

As usual Mr. Gattino took the leash and went with Yanouk on the street. There, Yanouk suddenly sat down and had no intention to move. I have to say he is an elderly gentleman now and became quite stubborn the last year. He knows exactly what he wants and what he doesn't want. This time it was clear he didn't want to walk with Mr. Gattino.


Mr. Gattino tried to convince him


and talked and talked


Yanouk got bored and just layed down. Helpless Mr. Gattino called me "what shall I do ?"


When Yanouk heard my voice he stood up and looked at me. I understood and joined them. It was such a nice weather that I proposed to go together. But Mr. Gattino was only too happy that he didn't have to walk and he quickly disappeared to make his little afternoon nap.


and Yanouk, very happy, walked me from tree to tree and we did a big tour of over an hour. Then he was tired and ready for a long afternoon nap and I was happy I could take quite a lot of pictures !


diane said...

That is so funny and typical of Mr Males. I can't get BB to walk as much as he should. His idea of exercise is walking from his computer chair to his TV chair. If we had a neighbour with a Bernese Mountain dog that needed walking BB would probably do it as he loves those dogs, they are from his home Canton of Bern.

Dr.John said...

I wish I could breath well enough to walk long distances but I can't.
Our dog is young and will walk anybody that wants to go with her.

claudie said...

A walk with a such nice friend dog! It remembers me the time when I had a nice dog and every day I had the chance to walk with him! Poor Mr Gattino! The dog prefered your compagny!!!

Jientje said...

What a fun post Gattina!! Two elderly men that had no real desire to go for a walk with each other! Too funny!

Lifecruiser said...

He is so clever! (the dog I mean *giggles*) He just wanted to be a photo model and he knew you'd come out and start taking photos ;-)

A Lady's Life said...

My Retriever Nugget is 12 years old. He would go for walks and then I'd get a call from my son to come get them because the dog refused to walk.
So I'd have to drive up and as soon as he'd see the car, Nugget would get up and be only too happy to climb into the car to get a lift home. Today I am lucky if I can get him up to pee at all. We force him out once a day but being such a big dog it's hard to lift his behind to go outside. As soon as he sees you doing it, he rolls over.lol
I'm afraid he's done for and we are just waiting for the inevitable to happen. But sometimes he gets up and runs to the door, so who knows whats in his head? I think the next step is to use a towel to lift him with so its easier for him to stand up.

Melli said...

LOL! I bet Yanouk decided that Mr. Gattino walks too slow and he would just wait until someone with a quicker gait came along! You rescued him! (and Mr. Gattino as well!)

Pamela said...

who is going to tell your cats? heh heh.

Vlado&Toni said...

aw..yanouk is so sweet, how could mr. gattino leave him? he was just probably trying hard to get :D