13 Dec 2008


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When I was a child and lived in Germany there was no Santa who brought gifts at Christmas. German children got their gifts from Baby Jesus (Christkind = Christchild), and I think they still do. A Santa looking like Saint Nick came on December 6th and gave us cookies and sweets. It was strange that at that day my uncle was always at the post office.

I remember my very first Christmas, when I had to wait the whole day for Baby Jesus, because he only came at 5 pm the 24th and of course I wasn't allowed to go in the room and see the tree. After having caused nervous breakdowns to my family asking all five seconds when Baby Jesus would come, finally a little bell rang, the door opened and I saw the Christmas tree which seemed so beautiful to me and an open window. The window was open because Baby Jesus had just dropped the gifts under the tree and of course had flown away ! Each year I ran as fast as I could and looked out of the window but he was too quick, I never saw him.

and so I imagined my baby Jesus, first the gifts and then he flew away

These are different kind of Baby Jesus, the way I imagined him

I found this old picture on the web, children are posing as Baby Jesus and angels.

and then came this ! Fortunately at that time I wasn't a child anymore !


Anonymous said...

As a child, Santa Claus /Weihnachtsman was the one bringing us children presents, dressed up very warm although we would celebrate Christmas with nearly 30ºC. They still dress warm, I feel so sorry for those students sweating under those costumes for some extra money.
I was an adult woman when I arrived to Germany and all of a sudden Xmas got complicated, too many people involved, I had to learn the "who is who at Xmas time"!!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Awww, that's really sweet, Gattina. I would be wondering why I couldn't see Baby Jesus, either, in your shoes. I think it's really interesting the different customs other countries have. In Australia, Santa comes in on a surfboard...lol.

Stefanie/ Luna said...

Oh Gattina, didn´t you know the Weihnachtsmann???
Here brings the Weihnachtsmann on Christmas eve the gifts for the kids.
Bei uns kommt an Heiligabend der Weihnachtsmann, bei meinem Bruder und seiner Familie kommt aber das Christkind. das liegt an der Konfession.
Schöne Weihnachtsdekoration hast du gestern gepostet.

claudie said...

Thanks to share your Christmas time as a child with us! I find very interesting to learn the different way to fest Christmas! I find the fact that Jesus brought the gifts was very nice. Je suis très paresseuse aujourd'hui! Je prends des forces pour la semaine à venir qui va être intense avec les gosses! J'ai essayé hier soir de prendre les illuminations de Noël mais les photos ne donnent rien!!! Faudrait que je retrouve la notice peut être qu'il y a un réglage à faire!

Helena said...

What a lovely post! And such sweet images! :)

Dr.John said...

I have really enjoyed your Christmas images. Most of us live such self centered lives that we think everybody celebrates like us.

Catherine said...

I love to read, Gattina, how you imagined the arrival of presents. I can even imagine you asking for Baby Jesus arrival.
I was convinced that Saint Nicolas, brought presents himself on the 6th of December.
Be patient, Gattina, it doesn't remain so much to wait! ; )

magiceye said...

this is so beautiful... tradition is such a wonderful thing!

maggie's mind said...

So interesting how Christmas traditions are different in different places. My sweetheart spent many years in Germany, too, and he has told me about these traditions, too. Your post makes it so easy to imagine. :)

bettyl-NZ said...

Love your story!