27 Dec 2008

SMILEY SATURDAY - A Christmas Overnight stay

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We had spent a very nice Christmas Eve in Amsterdam (Holland) together with our son, his girlfriend and her parents. While the parents could return home by car because they lived only around 40 km (25miles) away, we of course stayed 230 km (143 miles) would have been too far especially after an excellent meal and wine !

They live together in a small flat for the moment, because they are looking for a house to buy. But there was no problem for us. They spent the night in a friend's flat who was on holidays which was located just around the corner and we spent the night like this :

I prefered to sleep in the living room on a very comfortable sofa, because Mr. Gattino takes himself for a chainsaw during night and saws down every tree in the neighborhood and as there is a parc nearby .... you see or better hear the picture ! The best earplugs are as usefull as a japanese wall.

I was well wrapped in a sleeping bag which our son had bought for Iceland ! So you can imagine that I didn't freeze to dead !

I could even cover my head ! I slept like a baby !

For Mr. Gattino it was slightly different.

Used to sleep with his darling little cat Pookie,

he found himself with darling dog Jersey, who was on Christmas holidays while his owner was in the UK. Dog Jersey is a "little" bigger than cat Pookie, but that didn't matter at least in the beginning. They both had enough room and Jersey folded himself to a little snail and pretended to take the place of a stamp. But during the night he unfolded slowly slowly, to the size of an elephant, slipped nearer and nearer to his sleeping partner who suddenly found himself at the edge of the (kingsize) bed without cover while little Jersey had taken over the whole bed !

We laughed a lot in the morning and Jersey made a very innocent face !


Jientje said...

Too funny!!
But it looks like you had fun!

Heart of Rachel said...

I'm glad you had a nice and fun Christmas celebration. Jersey makes a cute reindeer.

Melli said...

LOL! That is funny! So Pookie is Mr. Gattino's friend, huh? And Arthur and Rosie sleep with you. I doubt they would have enjoyed being in that slumber bag! (I would have roasted! I need to be able to kick out my toes) How sweet of your son to go sleep elsewhere and let Mr. Gattino have his bed!

Luz's little car runs on battery. It works just like a real car! Turn the key, push the pedal and GO! It has forward and reverse... it goes 5 mph in forward - only 2 mph in reverse! She LOVES it!

Maribeth said...

Glad you had a good time. At my sister's house I love to sleep on her sofa as it really is more comfortable than most beds!

claudie said...

Ha! Ha! This dog is very intelligent and looks very nice on the pictures! It's a good thing to break our way of life sometimes! We have a real power to adapt and so I see the nice dog uses to do it and finds the best place to sleep! Poor Mr Gattino! Ha ha!
J'ai fait du shopping! Halle aux vêtements, Kiabi, Chaussland! J'ai tout trouvé pour le jour de l'an! et en plus j'ai rusé en achetant des trucs un peu fête mais que je pourrai remettre souvent!

TopChamp said...

How cute!!!! And don't you look snug in your sleeping bag?!

Dr.John said...

Visiting can be such fun.

Aly @ Lip Zip said...

You look so comfy but Mr. Gattino sure doesn't! Funny about Jersey's antlers. My mom bought my son and our dog two pair. I have a picture of my dog with his on in my Dec. 27 post. Glad you had a nice time! Your surroundings sound so charming.

Pamela said...

I love a cuddly big dog
I would have made the mister sleep on the floor!