1 Dec 2008

FUN MONDAY - Neighbors

Odd Shots and Macro Monday are here again

Ari at Beyond my slab (where you can find more participants) gave us this assignment :
Tell us about your all-time worst Neighbors from Hell ......

I just came back from 2 weeks sunshine and these views on saturday

on the beach

and our neighbor's bungalow

Today I have this view and the neighbors living in front are new. It must be a ghost house because I never saw anybody in there.

Anyway all my life married or unmarried I had always very nice neighbors, I couldn't think of one who behaved badly or annoying. I live 33 years now in this street and our neighbors are maybe not all friends but we always went very well along together. Our kids grew up at the same time and did their didoes and teenage problems also all together. Now we have some newcomers, young couples with little babies but they too are rather boring and not exciting.

But the neighbors we had above our flat in Egypt they made us and others laugh every day at 5 pm sharp ! They had had sea and sun the whole day and 5 pm was time for sex ! We have never seen them but you could hear them not only in our bedroom but also on the little street ! It was strange that suddenly a whole bunch of gardeners had work around our patio and always at 5 !

The other neighbor in the front, sadly hanged himself.


Sarah said...

I'm glad you've only had nice neighbours - some of the neighbours I've read about this Fun Monday have made me wince and made me realise how my neighbours are so nice in comparison. I do think that's funny about your neighbours in Egypt... though some people like to have a schedule for everything.

Hootin' Anni said...

LOL...the wet suit is hilarious as you say he 'hanged himself'. That made me laugh.

I didn't do a fun monday today since I couldn't find out who was hosting.

Have a terrific Monday...and stay warm. I bet you miss the beach, huh?

Mary said...


Just popped over from Anni's blog. The little handblown Santas you sent to her are delightful.

The comment about your neighbors and sex at 5 was hilarious. You had a good laugh, I'm sure.

You are lucky to have had such great neighbors over the years. All of ours is good except one couple and of course they live directly across from our back yard. They are NOT nice and many times we've thought of moving because of them.

Take care. I'm glad to know you a little better. If you have time, drop over for a visit.


Lil Mouse said...

i guess they had to work up an appetite for dinner. love that they had an audience every day!

Faye said...

Oh my, you're probably suffering separation anxiety from the beach, although the at home shot seems quite cozy to me. Hate to hear about the front neighbor--some people just can't stand others' good fortune, right? lol

My FM is finally posted. Stop by if you have a minute.

IamwhoIam said...

It seems amore` has gotten more than one post today. LOL

Jientje said...

Like clockwork huh?

karisma said...

Haha! 5am? I would have laughed the first day and then told them to shut up the next! Too funny!

Dr.John said...

It is good to have boring neighbors. Mine have not always been boring.
I laughed over your neighbors in Egypt.

Janis said...

Thats one memory you will always have from Egypt, everyday at 5pm, too funny!

Mariposa said...

I've had and have nice neighbors too...just that occasionally we meet not so nice people! LOL

Ha, sex at 5pm...neat!!! LOL

Ari_1965 said...

I think I need to adopt that schedule.

Melli said...

LOL! Gattina -- you always have the most "interesting" people around you when you travel! I am certainly ready for some of that sun and clear blue water! Winter is just getting too close! I keep telling it to BACK OFF - but it just keeps coming at me!

grace said...

too funny!

Lifecruiser said...

Such well organized neighbors - and gardeners.... *giggles*

The "hang-suit" is simply hilarious!!!!!