23 Jun 2008


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The Garda Lake (Italy)

The first time we went with our son to the Garda Lake in Italy we stayed in a hotel. But keeping a two year old in a hotel was a nightmare. So we decided to buy a tent and camp. We brought the tent which was very big and for 6 persons to my Mother in Law who kept it in her basement and when we arrived for our yearly holidays, we just had to put it up.

One year the camping place was quite full and we got a place rather outside in the bushes where everything was still growing quite wild. One night we woke up, hearing steps around the tent and a loud scary breathing. Mr. Gattino took the wooden hammer we had to fix the tent and looked outside. Dark night without any light. He took the torch and looked around. Nothing. We fell on our matrasses and were relieved. But then the steps came back and this horrible breathing too. Fortunately little son slept peacefully. Mr. Gattino, again armed with the hammer and torch went out of the tent into the black night and when he directed the torch towards the place where the steps came from, he found himself nose to nose with a German shepheard dog who happily looked at him and waggled with his tail ! This was the burgler who had sneaked around the tent !

Of course we had a big relieved laughter afterwards, but I will always remember this night where I got so scared !

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Jeanette said...

Gday Gattina. Beautiful picof garda lake... Glad it was you out thier and not me Im not a camper but I love my Caravan..Heheheh the cartoon is funny,,,,

Jamie said...

Beautiful picture, nice family story, and a very funny cartoon. Excellent Manic Monday Post.

Ivanhoe said...

What a great story, Gattina! How I wish to be by that lake... Camping in Italy... Awesome vacation.

Rebecca said...

That photo is just gorgeous!

Pamela said...

reminds me of camping with our black lab. I had to go "potty" during the night, so I brought her along. We weren't far from the tent when she stopped abruptly on the least so I stopped,too. I thought E.T. was standing in our way. Finally my eyes adjusted and I realized it was a raccoon on his hind feet. In spite of the scare, I did make it to the toilets without losing it.

Junebug said...

Beautiful lake. My daughter is home now from Italy. The pictures she took are beautiful. I can't wait to go myself.