1 Apr 2008


Persistent 999 caller given Asbo
A woman is banned from entering about 70 premises in Eastbourne
She rang emergency services more than 100 times when she was drunk to ask for a lift home. She has been given an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (Asbo). I swear I haven't been in Eastbourne last week I was there in August !!

Underground drugs factory found
Eight large cargo containers were found buried at the site

A massive underground drugs factory, where hundreds of cannabis plants were nurtured, has been found by police. Eight shipping container units had been buried to contruct a labyrinth of plant-growing chambers. The whole complex had then been covered by a layer of earth several feet thick. Police uncovered the site, which contained 300 plants. I wonder if they will use this now for tomatoes ??

Obama a distant cousin of Bush

It has emerged that Barack Obama is a tenth cousin, once removed, of the man whose job he wants - George W Bush. They are linked by Samuel Hinkley of Cape Cod, who died in 1662.
Mr Obama is also a distant cousin of the actor Brad Pitt while Hillary Clinton is related to Mr Pitt's girlfriend, Angelina Jolie. Wow ! Mr. Bush had a scandal in his family !
and even with an exotic taste instead of a boring WASP ! (white anglo saxon protestant)

I am sure by digging a little in my ancestors I am related to them too !

Mrs Sarkozy in Britain

Mr Sarkozy’s new wife, Carla Bruni, curtsied demurely as she was presented to the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh in the shadow of Windsor Castle. Prince Charles gallantly kissed Ms Bruni’s gloved hand as the two couples exchanged a few words. Ms Bruni speaks fluent English. A poster of her nude was sold at the same time at Christie's. Fortunately there are no nude pictures of other First Ladies !

GREEN designers have invented women’s underwear made of WOOD.
The environmentally friendly knickers and bras use fibres from white pine trees.
There is no risk of splinters because the fibres are spun to create a silky-soft fabric.
Non-toxic dyes are used to eliminate allergic reactions. The material has more microscopic holes for air circulation than polyester and twice the absorbency of cotton. That's the perfect underwear for people with fart and wee wee problems ! I hope they still have the smell of wood !

Pregnant man

Transsexual Thomas, 34, shocked the world when a picture was released last week showing his bearded face and swelling belly. The Hawaiian ex-lesbian, conceived after his sex change and is now nearly six months pregnant. Thomas’s surgery astonished gay pals who had no idea he had retained his ability to have children. That makes even me wordless ! I only wonder if he will behave like a man or a woman during birth ??


Pamela said...

my mom always said that if men had every other baby - there would only be three children born to each family.
I guess we'll find out???

MaR said...

I wasn't in Eastbourne either! if that woman was so drunk, I wonder how she managed to push the right buttons to call the emergency services.

Carla's nude picture had class, the pregnant man is disturbing, somehow... I thought a lesbian is a lesbian (and I have no problem with that!!) and not a transsexual (no problem with that either)... but I am confused!!!

Anonymous said...

Pregnant men... oh, the possibilities.

Aber unsere Familienplanung ist abgeschlossen... und ich glaube nicht, dass ich Frank zu Experimenten ├╝berreden k├Ânnte. :-D

Jientje said...

April fool's day?
Common, a pregnant man! I don't believe it!
It looks digusting anyway!

Maribeth said...

This somehow seems very wrong! (The pregnant man)

Aoj and The Lurchers said...

knickers of wood!!?

Mo and The Purries said...

I'd read about the pregnant man, but this was the first photo Id seen...
call 999!

♥.Trish.♥ Drumboys said...

OMG - I have been reading about him everywhere - amazing and freaky.
I feel for publicity and the media circus the child will attract.

My Little Drummer boys

Tossing Pebbles in the Stream said...

Funny list. 300 plants is not a large grow op. They sure went to a lot of trouble. Two years ago the shut on down near hear and removed 19 dump truck loads of plants growing on a field the size of two foot ball fields.

The pregnant guy may have trouble breast feeding.

I thought you might have included the hiring of fashion consultants for the dull grey politicians of the EU in Brussels. Seems they never run out of ideas on how to spend money.

Merle said...

Hi Gattina ~~ I enjoyed reading the news you shared with us. I couldn't believe the pregnant man, but it
seems he changed from a woman and still had the reproductive organs.
They are making a fuss of that Carla lady and her nude photo. I hear our
prime minister was in Brussels today
on his world tour. Thank you for your comments and take care my friend, Love, Merle.

Attie said...

Wierd huh!! I also heard this was his second pregnancy!! just to wierd..so how will he have that baby? ooohh just to many questions!

Anonymous said...

Brave guy, and not just because of the birth.
Long time, no see, Gattina - your new look is so pretty!