19 Aug 2007



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For the worried women about her hairdo, this is not needed !

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usImage Hosted by ImageShack.us Before we start it is maybe better to eat something especially for our captain Mrs. Lifecruiser because she is always hungry. And from stopping her to say all 5 minutes that she is hungry, here are some sausages and and icecream. Sausages are very good in the UK and there are a lot of different kinds.

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Beer is very good too and of course the traditional cup of tea which is a must !

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When we come back from our excursion you may have a glass of champaign which I brought with me from Belgium. Alcohol is very expensive in the UK at least 1/3 more expensive then in Belgium. This counts also for tobacco, cigarettes cost about 8 € against 4.30 € in Belgium. But these prices don't hinder people to smoke like chemneys. A lot of them roll their cigarettes then it's cheaper.

Since a few months smoking is not allowed anymore not even in pubs which even bothers non smokers because there is not the same ambiance anymore. Not to loose their clients Pub owners put table and seats outside when they have enough space and to many of Pub visitors this looks too "french". A lot of them complain that the typical charm of a Pub is lost with this law. Pub is the abreviation of Public House and exists since the 13th century. As many houses had no heating, people used to go in Pubs to warm up. There is a whole history about Pubs here.

Inside of a typical Pub

And now please open here

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This is for Captain Mrs. Lifecruiser after the visit !


  1. Very nice introduction to your actual post, Gattina. Also the catering service is first class, the captain can't complain :)

  2. Sounds like you had a great time, Gattina! The no-smoking rule has been in force far longer in Scotland and the majority of people prefer it that way.

  3. Excellent introduction! Notre capitaine a vraiment été gâtée! Mais je ne suis pas en reste! J'adore goûter les spécialités lorsque je voyage. Et le thé! Je sents son parfum d'ici! Le pub est le lieu de convivialité par excellence. Des pubs se sont ouverts à Toulon et tout le monde apprécie cette ambiance un peu cossue et très brittish qui n'existe pas dans le bar typiquement français. Merci pour l'historique du pub! Je n'aurais jamais pensé que ce soit une telle institution!!

  4. Hi Gattina,
    excellent introduction, looks like you spent some time sorting that out. Being new to the cruise I didn't realise that the Captain can't go five minutes without eating, i think she will like the hot dogs at the end.
    As a non smoker i love the ban and you can certainly tell the difference, i find it much more pleasant.

    Cheers Mark

  5. Sorry for being a bit late up with my Sunday post with the link to yours in the end, butt I have some problems with photos on my blog for the moment and have to work around it. I wanted to have one more picture that WP just wouldn't want me to show for some unknown reason, so it might come later! I'll let you know!

    Excellent intro of yours, with a lot of yummy things to eat for the hungry monster, THANKS!

    I'll take it all at once, just to be on the safe side before going on the real sightseeing!!!!

  6. Oh, and I just adore that cruise ship!!!!

  7. Come and ave a look at your new Pass ;-)

    You can link to it here if you want:


  8. Cigarettes, whisky, and wine....all in one day. Nothing's better than a Pub and great ambiance. Too bad some of the laws are so against civil rights of smokers. We should protest!! rofl. [actually, I don't mind...everywhere we go, that's one less I 'need' to smoke]

    I have to run quick over to Captain's so I can get ready for a day with our son

  9. Oh, forgot to mention: we've had that law against public smoking for quite a while now in Sweden. I think it's a pity that they can't build smoke rooms instead of forbidden it, especially in this cold country! Poor smokers have to go out in the cold and freeze!

  10. Jussssst popping back in for a sausage after touring those wonderful towns! Boy, I'm with LC though - I'm STARVED! I'll have two! Thanks!

  11. Hi Gattina. Looks like a wonderful fun cruise.
    Thank you for your nice comforting words on the loss of my brother ,,,

  12. You are totally spoiling us - that champagne - well I fall asleep and had a dream: A sunny week in Southern England. Must have been a dream. Yeah?

  13. So here's the cruise!!! OK. So now I know where to come to check out the cruise. My cruise doesn't start until next week Gattina. I'll be sure to stop by yours!!

  14. hmmmm that talk about beer and sausage makes me hungry! so the question is, are the english sausages better than the german sausages?? (just curious!) i love sausages!!!
    thank you very much for referring me to captain lifecruiser, she visited me already and i wrote her a note. very much interested :)
    and thanks for asking about the cat, he felt so much at home at the cat hotel (made some wonderful friends) , he got homesick/hotelsick the first night and he terrorized us with his loud meows, facing the hallway so it became even more louder!!! we weren't able to sleep because he even rejected to be put in our bed (this is the first ever!!) today he is back to normal and gave me already a peace offering, a small mouse of course.

  15. I truly like your style! What an excellent post! I'm gonna read it more thoroughly tonight when we have all the stuff done for the day with the kids, so I can take my time visiting all of the places in England!! :-D Cheers!!

  16. Hello!
    Now it's time of the apero here! Come on everybody to the super typical pub i see on the photo!!! Hey! Chef could we taste your better wiskhy and beer! We have to fest properly our host Gattina!
    I raise my glass in your honnor, Gattina! Thanks for this exceptionnel post!

  17. Well, I've already ordered 2 Guinness, can't help it's Irish, it's what I want right now ;-)

    Here Claudie, let me see how you drink this Guinness without getting a moustacchio as my sister Susan did... *giggles*

    CHEERS everybody!!!


  18. That was a great photo tour of your holiday, Gattina. It's a really pretty part of the world and looked lovely and summery.

    I would have loved the fleamarket...we have them here and I've picked up all sorts of bargains, including my digital camera and printer for $A30!

  19. I had some of the sausages before I went on the cruise. Great job. :)

  20. What a great introduction - thanks for the sausage and then off to your Countries blog!

  21. Thank you so mych for being such a good host and keep serving me foood ;-)

    It is an excellent post by an excellent guide!!!!

    I'll be back later to read your new posts!!!!


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