30 May 2007


Just before I leave now for the airport to catch my plane for Turkey, here is my WW !

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When you read this I am already in my Bus in Turkey and starting my round trip. That's why I am so early. Pookie wanted to come with me !


  1. Oh, you are so organized! can't believe you are still posting, good for you. I have a little bag since I am catching a plane to Hamburg this early afternoon . Opa will be 80 on friday, let's party!

  2. I imagine your beautiful wednesday, in Turkey!
    You will tell me what turkey people think about Frankenstein Sarko!?

    Perhaps will you see George Clooney, taking holiday in the same place you are!
    bye bye

  3. I was wondering where you went off to , Gattina!! Hope you are having a good time!!



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