Sunday, 24 March 2013


When I started blogging in 2006 a blog was not so easy to handle like today ! Besides all kind of technical htlm problems, disappearing sidebars etc, we also didn't have Google. Blogger was Blogger and Google was just a search machine. Slowly Google took over and Blogger became Google/Blogger or as we said Bloogle Glocker and amongst other stuff we got the Google Reader ! The blogrolls we used before to follow our blogfriends slowly disappeared and we used Google Reader to follow who has published a new post. Now that everybody is used to that very easy feature, Google decided  that we don't need it anymore and is promoting the rather useless Google+ page, which in my opinion is a waste of time and a want to be Facebook.

My blogfriend since the very beginning   Hootin Anni had always helped Bloggers when they were stuck with something or if she had discovered something new.

This time she helped me out with a replacement for Google Reader. It is called "Feedly" and works with Mozilla Firefox. As I only work with Mozilla Firefox since Internet Explorer doesn't like Blogger and takes ages to load a page, this tip was just what I needed.

I downloaded "Feedly" which is very easy and it installs itself on the Mozilla Firefox startpage :

See the little green sign ? Just click on it. Feedly imports all your friends from Google Reader

and you arrive on a perfect follow up page for your blog. It is even more clear and detailed ! Here I clicked on "Today"

and here on "Latest" you see it looks quiet like Google Reader.

Thanks to Anni my problem was solved and I just can follow new posts as usual. Maybe you should inform your friends who will have the same problem when Google Reader disappears.


  1. It works with chrome too, I've had it for a week but I still use g-reader :)

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  3. It seems that in the technology world, good things are not meant to last long, right? I wonder if the termination of Google Reader will not reduce a lot the traffic on Blogger and then they might reconsider...
    Thanks a lot to you and Anni for the tips!
    God bless you!
    P.S.: are you enjoying the start of spring? :)

  4. For me, it works like a charm. Glad this info helped you Ms. G!!!

    Hope that snow is disappearing for you and Spring will be there soon. Maybe a trip to Egypt soon?

  5. I've never used Google Reader. I just have my favourite blogs as favourites. Works fine for me!

  6. I dislike it when they change things all the time.
    Leave well enough alone I say :)

  7. I'm looking for a replacement for Google Reader as well...but I use Chrome, so I guess this one won't work.. Drat, I hate change! ;>)

  8. Feedly is the one I think I will use, closer to the time. I am so glad that it, and others, import your feeds. I have so many dead blog feeds, yet I want to keep them as occasionally someone will pop up and write something. The downloads of Feedly have been phenomenal.


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