Friday, 2 March 2012


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1. Finally my suitcase was ready and my little baby computer too, plus the instructions to give to Mr. G. although they are always the same. Men have short memory ! So I was ready for the holidays in the South of France.

2. I had a smooth flight and arrived with 20 min advance in Marseille, where I had to wait a little for Claudie and her husband to pick me up. I saw their new built house for the first time. It's very beautiful there are still lots of little works to do but it's perfectly habitable.

3. We went visiting the charming little town of Ollioules (see posts below) and did some shopping too for the house. We bought curtains for the kitchen and other little things. They look very nice.

4. There is a market in the next little town Sanary at the sea and it was very folklore ! We bought fish and a table cloths which while we had coffee on the terrace of a restaurant, somebody stole from me ! So I had to buy a new one ! Disgusting. I had put the bag besides my seat, and somebody just took it !

market, the two of us, the new curtains, fish market and daugher Melissa with a plate of urchins

In the evenings it's a little cool but we burn wood in the oven and it gives a very charming heat.

Claudie had prepared the fish with tomatoes and slices potatoes all together in the stove and the fish was so fresh I thought it would jump off my plate !


Claudie took me to Seyne s/mer a little town near her place with a wonderful white sandy beach. We could sit outside and had a coffee, walked along the seafront and even visited a museum of modern art up in the hills. Apparently I am not intellectual enough, but this kind of modern art looked real ridiculous. There were circles in all colors and framed sexy briefs with nice words like "bitch" or "slut" written on them. Maybe some men want to hang them in their office !

I can only say time flies by too quickly !!


  1. I don't like modern art either. A floor full of peanutbutter? Or a red painting with a black dot? I don't get it...

    Hope you have a great time in France

  2. That must have been upsetting to have the bag stolen. You sound like you are enjoying the food.

  3. Oh i sooo wanna go back to France one day and tour southern france....I've only been in Paris...and LOVED it. modern art and I don't get along either! lol...but i LOVE french impressionism and anything classical. Sounds like a fun trip...but without your hubby?? Maybe I should try a husband-less trip with my gal pals sometime! :) have a great weekend!

  4. What a lovely outing. How long are you with Claudie? I was warned by a policeman in the centre of London when I placed my bag next to me. (He said it would be stolen, and I was horrified to think the UK is like South Africa, LOL!) I don't like modern art either. Real weirdo's... This is the first time I can comment. Maybe my Internet is playing ball properly now. Good to visit you again. (PS did you see we have a new granddaughter, my younger son and wife's second baby.) Have a lovely weekend. Hugs Jo

  5. Hi Gattina, you sound like you're having fun with your friend Claudie! Apart from getting your bag stolen that is. I'm sorry about that but it can happen while on holiday, anywhere. I had my whole suitcase stolen once while on holiday in LOndon! And it was in the hotel lobby. Imagine that! Enjoy your trip...

  6. That looks like such a fun time!! (except for the art and the stolen bag)! ;)

  7. those are nice places full of fresh air :)

  8. Damn it, don't keep teasing me so bad with those marvelous photos of you and Claudie's time together - I'm already as green of envy I can be! *giggles*

    I would have paid way too much money to be able to sit down with you at that beachfront and have a coffee - or maybe even something else.... *dreaming*

    Sorry about the theft... never any fun to be the victim. *sigh*

  9. This region is so beautiful but Marseille itself, hmmmmm, I'd rather go somewhere in the Provençal interior...
    God bless you!

  10. Good grief! Beautiful place, but I guess people are the same everywhere (some of them have poor morals and/or poor taste!) The fish dinner sounds fabulous.

  11. I can see you're having fun. How awful to have your bag stolen, that does spoil the fun a little, doesn't it? Temperatures are high today here as well, but I heard it's going to rain tomorrow! :-( Have a great weekend!

  12. Fresh fish sounds wonderful, I am a fish lover as well. So sorry your package got stolen :( I've had things like that happen to me as well.

  13. Looks like a very lovely vacation! Sorry your tablecloths got stolen.


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