5 Aug 2022


On Monday I had to go to the post office ! it had been a long time I hadn't bought stamps or sent letters, I always do everything per email. I remembered that I had to take a ticket and wait until the number appeared on a screen. 

The four counters were occupied by one employee, but the usually crowded post office was empty, there was only one man standing there and he asked me if he could take a ticket first. He said  he was the only one when he arrived and  thought he wouldn't need a ticket, but administration is administration and there are rules to be respected, a ticket had to be presented even if there was only one person in the whole office ! 

I shook my head and gave her my envelope payed and left. Then I went to the pharmacy to pick up my medication and the girl asked me if I can't read ? How friendly was that ? I asked why and she told me that I have to wear a mask ! it was written at the door. 

What happens to people, since the lockdown they are all in bad mood ! Outside I took the mask off and went home where nobody bothered me with  bad mood ! 

Next day I did my shopping for the week and as the weather was again beautiful, I took my computer outside on the terrace and sat there the whole afternoon. I had a few phone calls, my son is still not feeling well and stays in bed with his Covid ! Toby feels better ! 

Isabelle my ancient neighbor who always calls nearly every day, like a daughter to see how I feel, goes to Amsterdam the next day and she told me that it is a pity that she can't see Dario who wanted to show her around. They know each other since their childhood and made a lot of naughty things together ! 

The case for my new Samsung tablet had arrived and it looks not only good, but is exactly what I and the tablet wanted !


I took these pictures at 11 pm, it was so nice and warm outside and our garden is illuminated that's why I also have some light and can watch the animals which cross the lawn. But this evening I didn't see anybody. Not even a cat ! There is one who looks exactly like our white cat Arthur, he must live somewhere around here.

Then came the hottest day of week ! Up to 35°C ! Unbearable ! Suddenly I remembered what an American Blog friend had written in her comment once, that when she was little and her parents had no air conditioning they just spent the day in shopping centers which was cool and nice ! 

I thought that's a great idea, we are always used to protect us from the cold and people go in the shopping centers to save heating costs, why shouldn't I do the same for the heat, just the other way around protecting me from the heat. Of course my neighbor and Nicole where very enthusiastic about this idea, and we picked up Nicole and then Adeline and I went to the hairdresser first and then joined Nicole who was happy to sit in 24° ! and drank her coffee. 

We spent the whole afternoon there and returned around 6 pm when it was a bit cooler, was a nice day ! 

And to end the 5 days, from 35° we dropped to 22° the next day and when I just had started to blog on my terrace I had to move inside because it started to rain ! 

 Nothing else happened, I still have not the energy and courage to empty Rick's bags, and wardrobe, well one day it will happen ! Meanwhile 


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  1. You sound very joyful and at peace. Blessings to you for the weekend! stay cool!!

  2. The idea with the shopping centers as supplying AC, sounds like a good one; still these are other times, shopping centers are usually with crowds, and it's easy to catch the virus.

  3. Yes anywhere with air conditioning in that heat is worth a trip. I'm sure there is no real rush to sort out Rick's things. You can do it when you are ready to face the task. Enjoy the weekend.

  4. Good idea to spend the day in the shopping mall! Your terrace view is lovely, daytime and evening.
    No rush on cleaning out Rick's things. Just do it when you are ready.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. No one or hardly no one wears a mask.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  6. Here we have cooling centers, mostly in malls, or even schools. Same thing when there are power failures and heat is needed.

    Its so nice that you have friends to go around with. I like your tablet cover, hot pink!! I love that color, and wear it too.

    Have a nice week ahead, and I hope that the weather will be kinder to all of Europe.

  7. I think it's a good idea to go to the shopping centre to cool down. There are storms in Sicily and I'm hoping they will make their way here. It's humid here now too and, with the heat, it's just too much.

  8. That's a great idea to go to stores to escape the heat. And even more fun to do so with friends.

    I hate when people are rude. The one lady could have pointed out the mask requirement in a much nicer way.

    The tablet cover looks nice!

    I agree with Willow. There's no rush to deal with Rick's things. Some day, you'll feel up to dealing with it.

  9. We are in a heat wave too. Temperatures in the 30's for days on end and it doesn't cool off enough through the night. Give yourself grace with dealing with Rick's things. When you are ready for it they will be there.


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