20 Jul 2022


Rick had collected 10 cent coins and had put them on the table

 Grandson Toby calculated how many Euros he would get


Apparently the result was worthwhile, because he got a big kiss

 and as always had fun together. 

more participants here, and Image-in-ing here


  1. Nice to see Rick smiling in the last photo and it's good that Toby will remember him.

  2. Precious!!! Happy Wednesday!

  3. Probably quite a lot of Euros.

    The Australian dollar is quite stable against the Euro [and for that matter the Pound Sterling in the UK]

    37 Euro cents make an Australian dollar.

    Calculations valid as of 20 July 2022 [or the last few days].

    Rick and Toby are awesome! And priceless!

    Adelaide Dupont @ Halfway up Rysy Peak

  4. Toby is old enough to remember him.

  5. Hi Gattina. What a special and happy memory. We hope you and Rosie are doing well.

  6. The economy seems quite topsy turvy just now so he may need to recalculate on a daily basis!
    Nice family photos. Thanks for sharing at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2022/07/milkweed-visitors.html

  7. I love this memory you shared today. It's so precious. I am sure it brings a smile to your face.


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