21 Dec 2021


After many discussions if yes or no Waterloo should have a Christmas market, the mayor (female) who has lost a lot of sympathy in the last months,  finally decided for a yes. Apparently it depends now on the mayor of each city to decide if yes or no there should be a Christmas market. 

From my apartment to the City Hall it's not far and I could walk, because finding a parking space would have been quite difficult as the shops exceptionally were open too. The market was small as usual but nice and cozy and packed with people. At the entrance we had to show our Vaccin pass and got a bracelet, of course everybody had to wear a mask. 

The market was on the place in front of the city hall

People enjoyed to walk around, have a glass of hot red wine which is an imported tradition from Germany

The one who had chosen the chairs didn't think about Grandmas and pas because it was quite difficult for a 80 year old to climb on this chair, same for children.

Here are the "watch dogs" who should control if everybody had its bracelet !

Lots of handmade articles,

The bin in Christmas dress

Of course Waterloo beer is not missing

cute decoration

and at the entrance/exit sat this gentleman I had never seen it was a new statue !

more participants here


  1. I imagine the stall holders are delighted the market has opened. There is so much uncertainty about what we should do. At least we don't need to show our vaccine passport for every shop we enter. You just need one for places like nightclubs, football matches or theatres. Everyday we are expecting more places to be closed.

  2. With everyone rugged up for the cold and wet, it looks like people had a good time. You need to find out who the seated man is.

  3. 🎅 Merry Christmas - I hope your days are blessed.🎄

  4. Glad that you enjoyed a nice time at your very own local Christmas Market!

  5. Great to see a European Market open and in action, one of the loveliest things to join in are the Christmas markets and of course I always love a wander with you as I try to see if there are places I recognise!
    Have a happy Christmas Gattina
    Wren x

  6. I'm sure you enjoyed being out despite the restrictions. I hadn't realised those chairs were so high until I looked at the other pictures lol.

  7. What a fun place. I would have loved to gone and explored.

    Have a fabulous day, Gattina. ♥

  8. Our European style market is back after being absent last year. Masks and controlled access points are the order of the day.

  9. Didn't get to any Christmas Markets.
    Coffee is on and stay safe


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