23 Aug 2021



Rosie my cat

and 14 years ago with her mum





On Saturday finally it was a nice summer day, at least until 5 pm where we were honored with a thunderstorm ! We wanted to go to Brussels and see the flower decoration all over the city center, but finally decided to go to the Waterloo Lion which Claudie knew but didn't remember the new version after the 200 anniversary of the battle. Of course she was shocked that it looked so empty and asked me why they have demolished all the old houses. Unfortunately I couldn't answer her.

But I noticed that already in 1815 the Covid was already present, because I saw a masked soldier  !

So maybe the new version which we have right now will also last 200 years. Fortunately I won't be there to check it !

We then went to the Mont St. Jean farm, which once had been Wellington's hospital, where the wounded soldiers were taken care of. Today it is also a restaurant and the brewery where the Waterloo beer is produced. It's a very nice place and you have a wonderful view over the fields.

Before returning home we visited Mr.G in his residence and had a glas  with him, he was not too well so we didn't stay long. 

We just had time to sit a bit on my balcony and watch the birds and cats and chat, when suddenly dark clouds covered the blue sky and we had to go inside. 

The next morning at 8 am I drove Claudie to the station and she took the train to return home at the French Riviera where the temperature was not 15°C like here but 32° !!

I made a lazy day, just a bit of sorting out photos, write my post and slept in front of the TV. It's a bit strange to be alone again when you had such a good company !


Rosie slept the whole day !



  1. Sounds like a fun weekend. You need to have fun with family and friends, and relax as well. We are not at all surprised the cat slept all day, that is cat life.

  2. The Lion Hill; it brings back fond memories of the visit there, some twenty years ago.
    Nice glass of beer! Rosie is adorable!

  3. Awww on the kitties. Beautiful.

    There are less and less masks here, but one never knows when they will shut us down again. So tiring.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week, Gattina. ♥

  4. You made the most of your time with Claudie.

  5. We love the pictures - especially the kitties and baby Rosie with her Mum !

  6. I'm so glad that you had a terrific time with your friend! It always seems so empty when people who have filled your time leave. I love all the photos, the soldier made me laugh! I hope you have a marvellously happy week.

  7. You had a great visit with your friend and made memories to keep forever.
    Maybe that soldier needs to find a mask what goes more with the style he wears. LOL!


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