16 Aug 2021






This Weekend was a little animated ! My son and family came back from their holidays in Normandy where they had stayed two weeks, unfortunately in the typical Normandy weather where it mostly rains.The area a part from the war things is also famous for its rainy weather. But they had rented a nice mobile home in a camping place. Sometimes it was so cold in the mornings and evenings that they had to put the heating on ! 

I first had the idea to pick up Mr. G and bring him home, where we should wait for them, but I was told that it was not a good idea and he would get too excited. The best thing to do was to meet in "his" home, I went there a bit earlier to bring his laundry and to prepare him  for the visit. Unfortunately he was not in a very good mood and even the fact that he would see the little family changed anything. When they arrived, we sat outside on the terrace where it was warm and the sun was shining. I completely forgot to take pictures which usually never happens to me and the once my son took I will probably get when I can see the roots of the flowers or the lawn over me !

Grandson Toby has grown again a little, it seemed to me, he nearly caught up on his mom and he is only 10 ! I asked her if she has a new "boyfriend" Mr. G. looked quite good  and even agreed to sit outside !

My DIL had never seen the home and she found it very nice. Toby was impressed by the old people sometimes hanging in their wheelchairs and sleeping while others elegantly dressed sat in the chairs and chatted. We asked Mr. G if he wants to come home with us, but the word home is now here where he lives so we have to say to come with us and see Rosie ! 

But he didn't want to, he said he is not feeling well enough and that he would prefer to come another day. I thought maybe we are too many people and he wants to be with me and our "nurse" friend for the first time. So we left him in his room and I returned home, leaving them a little alone. 

A little later they also came and my DIL saw for the first time the new apartment. She had never come with my son. She found it very nice and liked the view from our balcony. She was surprised that we live in the middle of the town where I could walk to the theatre, the movies, the boutiques the city hall, etc.

As they had to return home to Amsterdam they didn't stay very long, but still Toby could enjoy an ice cream. 

I was feeling exhausted, watched a movie and the News and went to bed. It's still very stressing for me to visit Mr. G with people even the own family because I don't know his reactions !  I have to learn to get used to this and take it easy, just not think too much and just let it go and see what happened.

On Sunday it was assumption day when Mary went to heaven, very much celebrated in all catholic countries and therefore also here in Belgium. I stayed home and sat on the balcony with my computer and answered emails. Two pigeons sat on the bar of the balcony. Rosie didn't even open an eye !

It was nice and warm  and I stayed there the whole afternoon. My neighbor who has a house with a garden which could rather be a park, had made a bbq and the smoke entered in my living room ! Keeps young, like the smoked sausages stay fresh !

Hopefully the summer weather will stay a bit, I have heard we had the hottest summer ever with temperatures  over 50°C but not in Belgium, Germany, and Holland where it was rather cold and rainy and we had terrible floodings where lots of people lost their houses..


  1. Well you had a busy but probably stressful time with your family and Mr G. Toby is so tall. The cat photos were soooooo funny.

  2. That's great your son and family could come by for a visit. Visiting someone with Parkisons is always an adventure because you don't know what person they will be at that time. Sounds like you had a good day with the whole family.

  3. Mr. G. not being home is difficult. How nice though that you both had a chance to see the family. The cat with outstretched legs is a delight. The extreme hot temperatures around the world are set to continue unfortunately. Even deniers must realize, albeit much too late, that climate change is real. Although not in my area, some forests in B.C. remain on fire and it was very sad to see the fires in Greece!

  4. Love all the precious kitties. Love kitties.

    I'm glad your son and family are back. It's good to see family and the grands sure grow up quickly.

    Thank you for joining the Awww Mondays Blog Hop.

    Have a fabulous Awww Monday and week. Enjoy the rest of summer. ♥

  5. It sounds like you had a stressful time but, at least, you saw your grandson. We visited Normandy some years ago, in early spring and our first day was very cold. But we loved it.

  6. Great photos all. What a fine family and it must have been so nice but difficult having them. Purrs of health

  7. I am glad that you and your son with his family were able to get together for a bit of a gathering. Sounds like a good time was had by all, despite the issues of MrG, and such. Even though he may not have expressed it, I am sure he loved seeing you all.

    Your kitty pics were great! Even Rosie was being a clown:)

  8. Ice Cream does sound good.
    Coffee is on and stay safe


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