9 Apr 2021


This had been an awful week, poor Mr. G spending Easter in Hospital where nothing was going on ! And of course no visitors.

On Tuesday I spent again the whole morning on the phone trying to reach his doctor who had come back from holidays ! I tried different services with no result except each time waiting for 45 minutes minimum until I got a living soul on the phone only to hear that she was not there and finally that she had left. Fortunately I had Scrabble in the afternoon and that was nice and made me think of other things then a missing paper. 

We had a very nice afternoon, but then came a cold shower ! I just had finished my supper when I got a message from Nicole's daughter, that her mother didn't answer the phone and it was 8 pm. She had been at 6 pm at home. Her daughter found her unconscious in the living room, she had taken off her coat and lay on her belly and probably she had been in this position from 6 to 8 ! Her daughter called the ambulance and then me to tell me what happened. Of course she was not allowed into the hospital either and she doesn't know yet what happened exactly to her mother. I told her we could put the two together, Mr. G and Nicole, and she laughed and but they are in different sections. A pity that the day ended like this. 

The next days I was hanging on the phone and made my household at the same time. Fortunately it has a loudspeaker ! My son texted all the time too and wanted my reports, in the evening I was so tired I had done a lot but got the impression that I had done nothing then charming the nurses on the phone.

And all that because they can't find a paper from our health insurance for a DAT scan. They had written a letter that herewith they would send the permission, but I only got a copy without the permission and the doctor too. Now my son and I are calling all the time and it seems now that they move ! I don't even have to tell my name anymore they recognize me immediately.

I had an appointment for my COVIT vaccin but 30 km away and the weather was awful, it would have been a nice excursion but with snow and rain not so much. I cancelled and stayed home ..... on the phone. Today I got another convocation for the vaccin from another service ! What a mess ! If  I wait a bit I will get  more convocations and eventually can sell them ! First we had to wait and ran short and now apparently they have to count people twice ?

And this was the weather after Easter, warm and sunshine, rain, hail, snow, more snow and now a bit warmer and humid  I could take pictures for our weatherman they have been taken out of our living window. I hope that the beautiful cherry tree hasn't suffered too much !



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  1. What a week ! We send prayers that things get better for everyone there.

  2. It does sound like a lot of headaches.

  3. Paperwork nightmare and what else can you do but persist. You wonder how things work for people who don't have anyone to look after all the other things.

  4. Yikes...sounds like you might have to threaten your husband's doctor with an attorney! That doesn't sound like quality care....

    I hope everything gets straightened out for you and Mr G and I hope your friend Nicole will be ok!

    Glad our snow is gone!!

  5. Wow, what a week. I hope everything can get worked out with Mr. G's scan and the paperwork. I hope everything is okay with Nicole.

  6. Wow, your weather has been crazy. And your week, too.
    Paperwork is just crazy and worse now. I chuckled when I read that the people on the call lines recognize your voice now. They know that you are advocating for your husband!
    I hope Nichole is ok! And maybe Mr. G will be home soon.
    Have a restful weekend!

  7. It's so difficult at the moment when you cannot go to the hospital to be with loved ones and try and deal with people fact to face. I hope you can get the paperwork sorted soon so that the scan can happen and that Nicole is ok. Hopefully the weather will start to improve too and you will be able to get your vaccine.

  8. Certainly an eventful week. Hopefully both Mr G and Nicole are doing better.

  9. Sounds like you are living a nightmare at the moment with the awful weather and never ending phonecalls to the hospital. Hope all is well with Mr G and that you manage to get your paperwork and the necessary treatments for him. Sorry to hear about your friend. Take care.

  10. What a week.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  11. I am so sorry to read about your truly dreadful week.


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