22 Dec 2020


Each year we had a Christmas market in Waterloo. It was just in front of the city hall. It was not big, but cosy and gave the Waterloo people the opportunity to meet, have a drink together and eat special Christmas food. 

This year due to the worldwide Corona lockdown, there are no Christmas markets at all, nowhere, at least that's what they say. Therefore I digged in my photos and found the Christmas market pictures from two years ago ! 

 The City Hall

I wonder what is in this gift box, probably Christmas air !

food and drinks

Handmade jewelery

The lamp in front is a heating for people when they drink their hot wine or beer

of course father Christmas is there too

and a cheese stand

Oisters with Champagne are very much appreciated !

more participants here


  1. Memories of better times. Oysters! Yum.

  2. I,too have missed the Christmas markets this year.

  3. We had a Christmas market like that last year. It was supposed to happen again this year, and Covid put a wrench in all that.

  4. Wonderful photos of Christmas market from the past! I hope it can come back next year.

  5. Ho Ho and no ho this year - at least you still have the Christmas market memories! Perfect for me as we used to enjoy the Belgium markets too. Wishing you a Merry Christmas Gattina and a Happy New Year.
    Wren x


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