29 Jan 2019


Snow is something rare in Belgium, but not so in the last 3 years we always had a bit. But as we are not equipped for snow, only few people clean their sidewalks and when it's cleaned it becomes an ice rink due to the humidity, and then everybody walks on the dirty road where a little snow lays along the street.

In the little streets and gardens of Waterloo, snow even only a few cm can be very pretty.

When it starts to snow and the green grass becomes white

I took the pictures out of the different windows of our house because i didn't want to go out, snow is not at all my cup of tea !

And then when it starts to melt, it becomes really dirty ! Not so much in our street or the little streets around but the main streets are a catastrophe. Mountains of dirt and snow are laying besides the roads.

Now it has started to rain again, no snow anymore, but just an awful wet weather

A real inviting day to go out for a walk !

At least we had Myriam's birthday to celebrate which we did forgetting the bad weather and leaving our dirty boots outside and changed shoes ! It had been a very cheerful birthday, now except one we are all in the 70th and two already 80.

and in her garden the snow was still there

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  1. Pretty but cold.Great to see you celebrating with friends in the warm house.

  2. We could do with some of your rain. Everything here is shrivelling up in the heat and dry.

  3. Lovely photos. It does look so pretty. I think it only happened once when our farm when I was a child was covered in snow. It was very pretty but did not last long.

  4. Hello,

    I would rather have the rain than the snow. The snow looks pretty for about 5 minutes. The birthday party looks like a fun time. Have a happy day and week ahead.

  5. It's raining here, and we keep hearing that the temperature's going to drop and the rain will turn into snow, but so far, nothing. I prefer the rain.

  6. So pretty with a sprinkling of snow!

  7. We had a little snow overnight too. Here the temperatures have dropped and now its quite icy. Looks like a fun Birthday celebration.

  8. Beautiful snowy landscapes! We were expected a little bit of snow but it seems weather changed its mind. It's just wet and cold!

  9. The snow is pretty but it does get dirty really quickly. The pool looks weird with the snow around it.

  10. I do not love snow either -- we don't ever have to contend with it here in Florida (and not very often in Oregon... we were lucky). (Probably in Oregon it was just about as infrequent as it is for you. We did get a lot of rain there. I don't love it either.)


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