4 May 2018


Apparently vintage people remember more the past then what they did during the week ! I think I also start ! But still I managed to remember.

I was quiet tired when I started the week because I had just come back from France on Sunday.

Although I felt lazy I pushed myself and went to join my scrabble girls. And that was good because I forgot that I was tired and wasn't the last.

My grandson Toby (7 years) with help of his school started a business and they had chosen his design to sell on mugs etc.

He had his own webpage and the items were sold for the benefit of the school. I ordered a mug !

I did some laundry and spent the whole day quiet behind TV and Computer, I had my medication for the lungs changed and had to get used to it. It made me a little dizzy and tired.

I went to my painting class, but didn't paint I really felt too weak, I even forgot to take photos for our Facebook page, but I took some of the retirement home where we paint and its beautiful garden and the nice inside decoration.

After the painting class we went together in a little snack and could even sit outside in the sunshine. It's starting to get warmer.

In our garden it starts blooming too and we expect warm weather over the weeken

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Here is Skywatch Friday


William Kendall said...

Your grasses are greener than they are here!

mamasmercantile said...

Hope you get used to the new medication and you are not as tired soon.

Barbara H. said...

Is that a large print Scrabble board? The letter tiles look bigger than our here. If so, what a great idea! Hope you adjust to the medicine quickly and it will stop making you feel dizzy and tired. Wow, I am impressed with Toby's skills!

Wendy said...

Oh dear I hope you get used to your new medication and feel better soon. You must be very proud of your grandson. Your garden is looking good.

Tamago said...

Your grandson’s design looks really wonderful!
I hope you get used to your new meds soon. Enjoy sunshine and have a great weekend :-)

Mara said...

It sounds like a busy week for you. The weather here in Northern Ireland is a bit changeable, but the temperatures are quite nice: high teens!

Willow said...

I'm glad you took time to rest and recuperate from your trip to France. I hope the medication change works out ok. Keep on resting.

Wow, seven years old and starting a business. Sounds like a great school!

betty-NZ said...

It sounds like a busy week. Yes, sometimes, we do have to push ourselves but it's worth it. Your grandson has some great ideas.

Susanne said...

Sorry those new meds were so hard on you. Hopefully your body will adjust soon and you'll feel better. Your grandson did a wonderful job and congrats on his picture getting picked for the mug!

Sallie (FullTime-Life) said...

Sounds like you brought some good weather back from France! That's good. Hope you're all rested and recovered by now. What a great project for Toby's school.

Jo said...

I thought you may have been overseas. I love your garden and that the weather looks sunny in your town last week.