9 Apr 2018


Somebody had recommended me a new lung doctor in a little town near Waterloo. I have to say I was a little fed up with my pneumologist because she was very expensive and a real pessimist, because I got the impression that I had already one foot in my grave.

We all were used to go to the Braine hospital belonging to Waterloo too, but it had become a real factory over the years and it's not at all the same anymore. You are just a number.

This one was a medical center and in a house, it was old, but the machines were the same and modern and that's what counts. The doctor was very friendly and competent and an optimist, he prescribed me a new inhaler and told me that I don't have to worry.  I paid less then half because in Belgium "posh" doctors can ask what they want, but the health insurance always pays the same amount for the consultation.  I was quite happy with the result at least it hasn't gotten worse.

Finally spring arrived and we had sunshine and Ilona and I celebrated her birthday outside sitting outside.

it was a wonderful day, and you could hear everywhere the lawn mowers !

On Sunday it became even better the temperature climbed up to 25°C (77 F) and made the warmest April day ever since 1902 !

My friend Bunny who had the intention to do her paper work on this Sunday left everything when I called her and proposed a walk to the park of the Chateau de la Hulpe.

We walked along the lake and the orchards there were a lot of people who had the same idea as we had and had a drink on the terrace of the restaurant near the castle. Which of course was full and we had to wait a little until we got a table with two chairs. Since we know each other since we were teenagers there are always a lot of memories to dig out and we enjoyed the first real sunshine.

Mr. G. sunshine or not was glued on the TV screen to watch the Formular 1 and was happy that Ferrari won again which hadn't happened in the last years. I have to admit I couldn't care less.

It is really amazing what such a warm and sunny day can do I was feeling much better

and could have purred in the sunshine like cat Arthur did.


Andrew said...

The medical specialists here seem similar. They are paid a fee by the government and then add on what they think patients can bear. Good to hear some nice weather has arrived for you.

Fun60 said...

The sunshine will always make you feel better. Glad you have found a new specialist.

William Kendall said...

You have warmer weather than we do!

Linens and Royals said...

A new more positive doctor and a walk in the sun All good news.

Tamago said...

Haha I can’t care less about F1, either :-)
Glad you enjoyed warm spring sunshine!

mamasmercantile said...

The sunshine always makes us all feel better. Glad all went well at the Doctors.