5 Feb 2018


Tiny little cristal cats from my cat collection

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Since a couple of years we have a nearly new TV with a big screen standing in our guest room, and in our living room we had a smaller size. I found it a pity that that big thing was sitting in the guestroom for nobody and we had the little one upstairs. Mr. G. measured the TV cabinet and on a mm right the big one would fit in.

I asked our young friend JC if he could come and connect the big screen TV in the living room and the other in the guestroom. At 10 am he was standing in front of the door and made it. It was quite easy, in 15 min it had been done. Mr. G. had feared that we had to take the whole backside off, but hasn't been necessary because there were a big hole for the cables.

Now all is settled and we are happy with our big screen.

In the afternoon I went to Nicole to try out a new mattress which her daughter had brought. I should have taken pictures because we had so much fun to lay on the new mattress to see if it was not too big or would slip, because Nicole's bed is with a remote control so that she can change positions.

The next day she called me to tell that she had slept like an angel and that it was the best mattress of the world. I wonder how long that will last, because if one time she doesn't sleep well she will pretend the contrary.

Because of the still depressing weather we decided to have a cream tea in "our" newly discovered Tea room and Bunny (another friend came too) and we had a little chat and a delicious cream tea.

 The bark is gone but the hole that was digged by mistake had disappeared

I was quite tired with all the events from the previous days with the TV coming and then the opening of the street, and other works, now our garden at the side looks as if an elephant had worked in there.

We will see what happens now, when the manager from the provider comes on Tuesday.


mamasmercantile said...

The cream tea sounds delicious. Fingers crossed all goes well with the provider, they must feel ashamed now that it has been on National TV.

Lea said...

Cute little cat figures!
Glad you got the TV moved
Have a wonderful week!

Wendy said...

Hopefully things will be fully restored in time.