12 Feb 2018


Pailettes on my photo case

a ring

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This weekend I was busy to sort out my summer clothes which I need for my "winter home" in Egypt. I just had to go away from this humidity here in Belgium and I had the choice : Or to make my doctor rich and take all kinds of pills or I fly away into the warmth and sunshine, good food and laying on the beach. Of course I opted for the second solution.

First I wanted to stay just for a week, but Mr. G. said that's not worthwhile I should take 2 and come back like "new". I had never been affected so much from this weather then this year. I am exhausted, without any energy and have to force myself to not sit in a corner and see the world in black.

Saturday we went to our friend Monique, she had bought new sofas and a new recliner and wanted to show it. Nicole came too and we had coffee and a self made cake.

Sunday I prepared my different cables for the camera, smartphone and my travel computer, USB sticks etc. At least now I only need one for the camera and the smartphone. It should be the same for every device !

My suitcase I do in the last minute otherwise I forget what I have put in.

I looked up the weather, it's 28°C there while here it's around 0 ! Since a week they announce snow, but so far besides 3 flakes I haven't seen anything. And .... in the News they told us that we enjoyed 12 hours of sunshine in 2 months !!


Linens and Royals said...

Have fun in the sun again in Egypt. I'm sure your health will improve after 2 weeks holiday. MrG. will have fun fattening up the cats.

Andrew said...

Mr G rubs his hands with satisfaction that he has two weeks at home alone after convincing Gattina that she needed two weeks of sun for her health. What a clever Mr G.

mamasmercantile said...

Have a wonderful break away.

Wendy said...

Yes 2 weeks are definitely needed if you only had 12 hours of sunshine recently!

Tamago said...

Love those macro shots!
How sweet of Mr. G to suggest to take 2 weeks holiday. I bet you'll come back like new after that :-)

Loree said...

Two weeks away sounds like a good idea.

Fun60 said...

28 deg and sunshine and good food. I am jealous. Lying in the sunshine and feeling the sun's warmth just sounds divine.